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6th Ed Impressions, Part Five - Vehicles


Vehicles.  The kings of 5th edition have seen some significant changes in 6th, some that make them better, some that make them worse.  Will they retain their throne?


Most regular vehicles (non-walkers) can move Flat Out.  Similar to the bike turbo-boost, this happens in the shooting phase.  Regular vehicles get an extra 6", fast vehicles 12", fast skimmers 18".  So you have some of the same flexibility that you have with bikes, being able to move, see how the rest of the shooting phase goes, then shoot or move again as desired.  There's no requirement about having to move 12" in movement before going flat out, so you should be able to move 6" (or even remain stationary) in the movement phase, then decide to go flat out during shooting.


Stationary = fire all weapons.

Combat Speed = one weapon at full BS plus snap shots with others (but must be those that can use snap shot, so no blast/templates). (Fast = all weapons at full BS)

Cruising Speed = can only make snap shots.  (Fast = two weapons at full, rest snap shots)

If fire Ordnance, rest of weapons are snap shots, even if stationary. 

Take a long look at your secondary weapons, sponsons and the like.  Things with secondaries that can't use snap shot won't be able to move and fire as well.  No distinction for "defensive weapons" anymore.

Damaging vehicles

Blast vs. vehicles = full strength if any part of the marker is over the hull.  No longer need the little hole in the center to be on target.

Vehicles all have Hull Points now.  Most have three, weak things like speeders, buggies, and light walkers have two each, bigger stuff like land raiders have four.  When you lose all your hull points, you become Wrecked.  Glancing hits remove a hull point, but no further effect.  Penetrating hits take a hull point off and get a roll on the damage chart.

AP 2 = +1 to the damage chart, AP 1 = +2 to the damage chart.  AP - no longer has any negative effect.  Open topped still +1.

1-2 = shaken, 3 = stunned, 4 = weapon destroyed, 5 = immobilized, 6 = explodes.  Which weapon is destroyed is RANDOM.  So be sure to get that pintle bolter for your vindicator.

25% obscured = cover.  Smoke launchers give 5+ cover.  

Assaulting vehicles

To charge a vehicle you must have some chance of damaging it.

Vehicles can't overwatch unless walkers.  Passengers can fire overwatch from fire points if their ride is assaulted.

Stationary vehicles are WS0, moving vehicles (any speed) are WS1. Walkers still fight at full WS, but are hit on rear armor if immobilized.  Grenades at full WS vs walkers, no only hit on sixes anymore.  No more driving into the midst of the enemy and trusting in 6+ to hit to keep you safe from assaults.  Anyone who can kick out lots of attacks or high strength attacks in assault should trash most vehicles pretty easily.

Squadrons - No more stunned to shaken or immobilized to destroyed.  Damage results are normal.  However, now squadrons can abandon immobilized members, leaving them behind to form their own unit.


Normal disembarkation is 6" from access points - no free 2" move, models must have their bases FULLY within the 6".  Disembark from a wrecked transport is only 3".  

If a vehicle moves and then passengers disembark, vehicle can't move further, so no flat out later.

Cannot disembark if vehicle moves over 6".  This is NOT different for fast vehicles.
NO CHARGING the turn you get out of a transport, even if it has not moved yet!  Exceptions for assault vehicles like land raiders and open-topped transports.
Passengers can fire normally (counting as moving, and subject to fire point restrictions) from a vehicle moving at combat speed.  Cruising speed they can only fire snap shots.  Cannot fire if vehicle moves flat out or uses smoke launchers.  I don't see it spelled out, but the reverse should be true as well - if passengers shoot, can't then choose to flat out or pop smoke later in the shooting phase.

Chariots - have some funky rules.  If you or your opponent have something that works as a chariot, look this up (p.82), otherwise don't bother as they're pretty rare so far - I think the Necron command barge is the only thing in the game that qualifies, though since they added a category for them perhaps they'll become more common.  


If moved flat out in your last move and get immobilized in your or opponent's turn, wrecked instead.

Skimmers have Jink (5+ cover save, 4+ if went flat out).  

Just as easy to hit in CC as regular vehicles.


As before, treat like infantry for movement, run, charging etc.
Stunned walkers cannot do sweeping advances or consolidation moves.

Can fire overwatch.


If you tank shock, you can't go flat out later.
No tank shock plus embark or disembark that same turn.

Cover saves cannot be taken vs. death or glory, so no jink save.  Jink does apply vs. rams.


Must start in Reserve.

If have Hover type (H in the back of book summary) can act like a fast skimmer or choose to Zoom.  Those without Hover type MUST Zoom.

Zoom = combat speed 18", cruising 36".  Can only make one 90 degree or less turn before moving.  Can fly off the edge of the table and go back into reserve.  When it comes back on, comes on your regular edge, not from where it left the battle.

     - Various restrictions and rules about them shooting/dropping bombs.

     - Can't be assaulted, rammed, etc.  Jink save if you choose to evade, but then can only fire snap shots yourself ("Go to Air"?)

     - Need 6's to hit them with shooting, can't be hit with templates/blasts.  Skyfire rule lets a unit fire at them with normal BS.  Flyers can choose to use Skyfire if they wish, so flyers are a good way to shoot down enemy flyers if you can line them up.

     - If shot down, crashes to earth, scattering and damaging what it smacks into.  Passengers in this instance take a S10 hit with no armor saves.

So that's pretty much it!  

Vehicles seem to have gotten faster, a little more flexible, and able to fire more on the move (except for some weapons).  They did however get more vulnerable to glances (while now being immune to glancing stunlock) and transported units have more restrictions.  Flyers are a big change to the game, with only being hit on snap shots they will frustrate many foes, or quickly get taken out to a lucky hit.  I'm sure somebody can do the math as to whether or not you're better off trying to glance it to death or just hit it with fewer more powerful shots and go for the killing penetration (only have to hit once, one jink chance).

Next up, terrain.


  1. Just curious, what happens if a storm raven is carrying a dreadnought, goes flat out & is destroyed?

    1. well, I'm assuming its a flyer...

    2. I don't see it spelled out in the BA FAQ, but I'm assuming if it is zooming and the SR is destroyed, dread would take a S10 hit like any other passenger, and based on it taking the hit on rear armor if the SR explodes, would think it would apply to rear armor then too.

      Flat out and wrecked I don't think there's anything special, passengers would disembark and take pinning test (which dread ignores).

    3. If the Storm Raven is destroyed whilst Zooming, the dread takes a S10 hit (as an embarked passenger) and if it survives makes an emergency disembarkation as normal. If the StormRaven is destroyed whilst in Hover Mode (thus acting as a fast skimmer) with the dread inside I'm pretty sure (no rulebook to hand) that the vehicle and passengers are both destoyed.

      He's an interesting one - Can you perform (any number of) turns whilst moving Flat out? i.e. can I move normal in movement phase, fail to destroy the Lascannons looking at my side armour and thus move flat out to turn my vehicle so the front armour is facing the Lascannons?

    4. @Rau - Nothing in the book about flat out for skimmer causing destroyed passengers. Only difference in damage is that flat out skimmer immobilized = wrecked. Nothing that says wrecked skimmer = death to passengers.

      Can turn any number of times while moving, flat out does not state an exception.


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