Monday, July 16, 2012

League Pictures - 6th ed Tryouts

Shark attack!

Sunday was another league day at Gaming Underground.  This month we're not using the league rules or counting any points for wins/losses, just using the month to give 6th edition a shakedown.  I got in two 1000pt games using the Space Sharks, and took some pics of other games too.

First up the Sharks took on Will's Chaos Marines.  We had Dawn of War (old pitched battle) deployment and the Big Guns Never Tire mission (heavies score and count for VP if destroyed).  My Whirlwind and his Vindicator and Obliterators therefore were scoring units.

We used the alternating terrain deployment.  Will put the first piece down, and chose a giant ruin.  As soon as that went down I figured I knew where the oblits and one objective would be, and I was right!

I focused on my left flank, trying to stay away from his heavies for now and hoping to be able to overwhelm his troops (a 6-man plague marine squad and a squad of thousand sons in a rhino) and romp along the table. Whirlwind sat behind cover to hold an objective.

The Obliterators started their climb while firing lascannons out the windows at my Rhinos, while the Chaos Vindicator sits on another objective.

Chaos terminators teleport down in front of the Space Sharks...

While the Daemon Prince flies in behind, scoping out the whirlwind for destruction.

 The terminators are joined by Thousand Sons marines and combined they fire a hail of bolter shots at the bikers, though little damage is done.

It's a trap!  Both tac squads dismount and pour fire into the prince as the bikers smash back through the ruins, twin-linked bolters and meltaguns adding to the fury before smashing into assault with the foul monster.  The new dangerous terrain rules are much kinder to bikers.  The prince slays a biker, but is pulled down, having taken too much damage from firepower to withstand the assault.  First blood to the Sharks (and 2VP - one for first unit destroyed, one for killing enemy Warlord)!

The rest of the Space Sharks, with Rhinos blocking off those AP3 bolters.

But no mere Rhinos will stop the forces of Chaos!  Obliterators destroy one Rhino, and the terminators move around the other one to charge into the loyalists.

The marines do surprisingly well against the terminators while the other Sharks move up.  The Whirlwind has been dropping rockets on the plague marines to little effect.

Thousand Sons move up and Psychic Shriek out the top hatch at the bikers, but roll under their leadership doing no damage.

Unfortunately I didn't have the movement to completely surround the Chaos rhino, but do explode it and assault the passengers.

In the end the Thousand Sons sorcerer manages to hold out, keeping me from moving onto other objectives and the enemy DZ.  Game ended, Will had three objectives for 9pts, I had two for 6, plus First Blood and Slay the Warlord for 8 IIRC.  Victory for Chaos!

Hammers of Ornus marines against Necrons.

Dark Eldar with Eldar allies against Chaos with Ork allies (2000pts/side).  Note the bastion with quad gun, which the Dark Eldar were not happy about.

Later game, again with Chaos and Orks working together.  

My second game, against Necrons this time.  Long table edge deployment, the Scouring mission (random objective values, fast attack scoring). Lots of floaty things with guns.  Floaty things with guns must die.  Vroom, get close to floaty things with guns. 

Bikers take a lot of shots but weather the storm (thanks Captain!).  Wounded Captain detaches to take on a target on his own, while bikers spread out for potential multi-assault.  Primary target, floaty thing with big gun, explodes from melta hits, putting the kibosh on the assault.  Captain knocks out one gun with meltabombs.

Bikers get wiped out, some in Necron turn, last guy from Overwatch charging the Immortals.  Floaty things also wiped out, but new fast floaty thing comes on and drops off Warriors, who shoot up my tacticals (there's a turn with no pictures in between here).  I choose to fall back (thanks Combat Tactics) and hoof it back to the objective in the woods.  The other squad is still sitting on their objective, which ended up as a skyfire nexus, allowing their missile launcher to have a chance at taking down the fast floaty.  Rhino tries a tank shock, shuffles some Necrons around.

The fast floaty took a few shots at me, I took a few shots at it, but nothing much happened.  Game ended, 8-6 victory for the Sharks.


  1. It looks like the flyers have come in with a vengeance. I am leaning toward my Sisters taking a good dose of imperial guard allies.

    Are the 6th ed rules working for you or are you still getting a feel for them?


  2. With the games I've played so far, flyers aren't too bad, with low points value there's not too many. They don't do too much damage, take your pot shots when there aren't better uses for the weapons, stick with the general plan. In bigger games with 4+ flyers/flying monstrous creatures on the other side, could get annoying, but more likely to have more tools to drop them. The turn radius restrictions are pretty big too.

    Overall they seem to be working - there's still things getting used to (messed up challenges in by game vs. CSM), but overall it's fine.

  3. I'm jealous! Not only do I need to pick up my rulebook (being broke sucks!!!), but I wanna play! Thanx for showing this off and helping to allay that urge a bit. I also hope your Sharks continue to destroy xenos scum! For the Emperor!

  4. Thanks for the good wishes for the Sharks! Hope you get some initial games in soon agemmanjw!


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