Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Space Sharks: League Reports

More from our 6th edition tryouts.

First game against Will's CSM, 1000pts.  Triangle deployment, two objectives.  Shot showing the obliterators at the top of the tower that they apparently teleported onto pre-game looking across at the Shark-free area ahead of it.  My plan was to avoid the oblits, who are even more resilient with true T5 and the vindicator, instead pushing around the other flank.

Shark deployment.  Other rhino in the tall building.

CSM move to face the imperials.  Thousand Sons champion casts Invisibility on the daemon prince from out of the rhino.

Sharks reposition, waiting for something to pounce on.

Invisiprince and vindicator move up.

First blood!  The captain detaches from the bike squad and later charges and meltabombs the vindicator, exploding it.  Bikers charge the prince.

Thousand Sons pile out and blast at the captain, who I believe loses one wound.  Meanwhile, Chaos Terminators kept trying to teleport in, but kept scattering off and going back into reserve.

Prince finishes off bikers, Captain engages Thousand Sons and kills sorcerer on a challenge, other Sharks move towards enemy DZ.  At this point I'm figuring on just tying on the objectives and winning on secondary missions.

Here my base-sitting tac squad got out and spread out to make deep striking even worse, but turned out to be a mistake letting the DP charge in easier.

Terminators finally manage to land.  Rhino on the hill immobilizes itself, squad gets out and starts to hoof it back home.  DP charges and runs off other tac squad.

Termies engage tacs, I shoot at the DP to soften him up enabling me to finish him on the charge, but he dies from the shooting instead, keeping me from making it to the objective.  Doh!  Win to Chaos, through multiple deep strike mishaps and failed DP saves.

Second game vs. Leonard's Orks, 1250pts, random rolls got the same mission and deployment.

Alternating terrain trying to screw each other makes for a pretty open field.

Space Shark deployment.  I want to try to avoid the Loota horde.

Close up showing the WIP assault squad.

Warboss + Nobz trukk rushes towards objective, kans, boys, and looted wagon advance in the middle.  In my turn the whirlie tries to splat some boyz, but scatters and takes out the looted wagon.

Dakkajet arrives and destroys a Rhino while nobz pile out and wreck the whirlwind.

One kan gets melta'd, captain engages the others but it's a stalemate.  Other stuff positions to either pounce on horde or nobs.

Horde charges in, captain challenges Nob, keeping the kans from pulping him.  Have I mentioned yet that challenges can be rather silly?  Nob had a lot of rerolls available!

BOOM.  I charge into the locked combat with the bikers and assault squad.  I lose a few, kill a bunch, and the assault squad PF manages to explode both kans.  Resulting explosions kill even more marines and a bunch of Orks.  Epic.

Here we created a dead pile for a pic.  Horde of boys, kans, bikes/marines...all from ONE ROUND of combat.

Marines run off the survivors.

Captain engages fleeing Orks, remnants of squads try to claim objective.

Dakkajet returns to help warboss, whose squad has been getting shot up by tacticals.  Ork remnants kill off captain.

Assault marines get shot up by lootas and run, only to be charged by Orks hot from killing the captain.

Warboss chews through squads trying to get to the objective back here.

Looking grim, not many marines left.

If the game ended here, would be nice.  But it was not to be; the Orks had enough time to finish me off.

(power klaw and deffgun brutality edited out)

All that's left - a rhino and two assault marines.  Ork victory!


  1. The space sharks are looking nice, too bad the other armies aren't finished.

    Should make a rule that unpainted models have a cover save penalty of -1 because they stick out, or a -1 leadership because the have lower morale.

  2. Thanks!

    One I heard the other day (I think on the Independent Characters) was to give painted models Preferred Enemy against unpainted models.

  3. Oooh! I like that one too. Maybe we could make it a D3 roll off before the game.

  4. Will's Obliterators were on the same tower in may last game against him, so I think they must have a hidden elevator. That psychic invisability is a pain.


  5. I don't think the oblits could fit in an elevator; I'm sticking with the good teleport theory. I wonder if that thing would be stable on its side...


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