Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Codex: Lost and the Damned Version 1.1

I was recently on vacation again, and as has become my habit I got some thinking done on the Lost and the Damned, reviewing things myself and thinking about some of the feedback I've gotten.  Here's the result.

Version 1.1

What's changed?

Added title page and basic table of contents.

Added modeling notes and development section.  Added a couple of examples of how people might come up with armies.

Clarified and cleaned up wording in a number of places.  Added a few more page references to other books.
Since Traitor Officers open up so much IG stuff, further restricted their CSM/Daemon allies.

Added option for Mammoth for some extra stubbers.

Cult Leader got option for Eviscerator upgrade. Cult Leader cost increased, but Consecration now free.

Mutant Warlord can take Ogryn Ruination Squads as both Elites and Heavy.

Warp Storm weakened.

Bombardment made to scatter a bit more.

Shrine of Chaos modified to include intact buildings.

Operative: Assassin given Furious charge instead of stat boosts, Saboteur more expensive.

Zombies  - Dropped regular save, figured a lot of die rolling for not much return.  Will have to rely on FNP.  May not Run or go to ground.  Added extra clarification to Brains! forbidding new ICs from joining a unit that is trying to eat their existing ICs.  Added "Dead in the Headlights" rule where they take casualties from tank shocks.  Zombies getting run over is such a staple, it had to go in.

Gremlin - added closed top option, a bit of flavor text.

Keltinax - clarified that he does not issue orders.

Pestilens - clarified that he has Master of Mortals (so can actually join those zombies he loves so much)

Col. Ivan Mtumbe - dropped the advisor-duplicating abilities.

Enjoy!  As always I welcome your comments and feedback!

I also found a lot of entries for the bibliography in some codices, expect to see that updated soon too.

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