Tuesday, April 5, 2011

League Tryouts

Delayed post from last Tuesday's games.  Sorry for the delay, but accidents, illness and crunch time at school combined to leave little time or mental acuity for an actual post.  Apologies for the pretty lousy pictures too.  My wife keeps buying more sophisticated cameras and my pictures keep getting worse. :-/

Some rough reports on a couple of test games for the Spring/Summer league going on locally.  I brought my 500pts down expecting a number of the locals who had expressed interest to be there to get things rolling.  Early on, no such luck but Joe was game for whipping up a 500pt list with his own IG for a quick match.

He took:
Platoon Command Squad, plasmagun, heavy flamer, vox, medic
2xplatoon squads, flamers/voxes
HW squad, 2xautocannon, lascannon
2x 2 Sentinels with Heavy Flamers (!)

We rolled up Annihilation/Pitched Battle.  4x4 table.  He won for sides/first turn and set up.  He combined the platoon squads and positioned for battle, leaving the sentinels to outflank.  I left my squads uncombined to have a little more flexibility and avoid single-turn disasters.  My spawntinels were in reserve to outflank as well (obviously the walkers were stalking each other in the side streets).  Some guys set up in various ruins, one squad on the right to protect the heavy bolters from outflanking burnination. 

Forces move up.  Autocannon and lascannon fire picks off a technobarbarian.  In retaliation, a lucky krak grenade causes instant death on a HW base, and the rest of the squad retreats off the field.  The outflank protection conga line extends a bit. 

The loyalists turn the corner, some shooting goes back and forth.  The command squad's medic earns his pay several times.

Uh oh!  Sentinels!  Take cover!  Oh, wait...nevermind.

The cultists on the left (bottom picture) all die horrible burning deaths.  The troops on the right are much more fortunate being more spread out, and only four die.  The remainder hold, and launch themselves at the Imperial machines, trying to get too close for further flaming and hope for some lucky frag grenade placement.

They fail, take a casualty and are run down.  Curse your impregnable AV10!

On the other flank, Von Drakin leads his command coven into the fray, double flaming and charging with his power sword.

The command squad got shot up and the two survivors scooted off "to find out what happened to the heavy weapon support".  Von Drakin and two remaining cultists (others killed by stray friendly fire frag grenade) double flamer and charge blob, doing some damage but are killed in the end.  Remnants of combined squad move up and flamer remaining cultist squad.

Sentinels move up to hunt heavy bolters, mass of fire kills all of IG squad except one sgt, who breaks and runs "to bring the medic back."

The spawn-riders arrived to start firing missiles, and Warchief PapaJJ charges to get stuck in with his powerfist.  Unfortunately it's too little too late, and the game ends.  Imperial victory by KP since I failed to take out the Sentinels.  I probably should have just swarmed up the middle with 50 bodies and started the spawn on the table and just tried to overwhelm his starting forces and then cluster in the middle waiting on his sentinels to come on.  Fun game, was nice to meet and play Joe, hope to do so again!

By this time John had arrived, and broke out his Blood Angels.  When discussing his list, I mentioned that I was impressed he went with Death Company for his only Troop, as that would make objective missions hard (would have to table to win) until he got more troop units at higher points totals.  He thought that the DC still counted as scoring, so his list bravado was unintentional.  He quickly rewrote his list, and was glad to find that out before the deadline for official submission!

His revised list had:

Librarian on bike, Fear the Darkness, Blood Lance
Assault squad (x8?) powerfist, meltagun (with jump packs)
5 man Sternguard
Speeder with Heavy Bolter

We rolled Capture and Control, Spearhead.  He won for first turn, I failed to seize the initiative.

Jump packs move up into position, Librarian goes booogedyboogedyboo! and scares a cultist unit away.

But they don't fall back far.

Chaos shooting kills a number of Sternguard.

We dance around outside of Assault Squad assault range, and a lucky missile launcher shot from a spawn rider takes out the Librarian.  Whew!

Thirsting for vengeance, the assault squad moves up to see if the Scythiak hold on the objective can be loosened...

...but they have to double back to try to cover their own objective instead.

Kill the Astartes!  Wargear and geneseed for our masters!

...or not.

The game ended, with the Scythiak in possession of their redoubt, and the assault marines too busy prepping the Librarian for his Dreadnought to get close enough to the "real" objective.  Had the game gone on longer, John may have been able to tie by pulling the assault squad further back, but I may have been able to shoot them all to death.  Another fun game, and a fun day of battling Imperials.

After I left the shop, everything went downhill fast, but I'll spare you the details.  But things are much better now.  Hopefully will get some more games in today, though I may not have the camera.

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed the reports!

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