Friday, April 8, 2011

Game Playin' Fool

This week I managed to be a game playin' fool, getting no fewer than four 40K games in.  Rawr!  Unfortunately soon I'll need to return to the grindstone and crank out a paper for Monday, then more work on end of semester stuff, but it was a fun week.

For another participant's experiences so far in the league I'm in, be sure to stay abreast of My Little World of Dementia.  He's got a post up yesterday about his first couple of league games using his Catachans.

On Tuesday I went down to the local Hobbytown, and got an 1850pt game in with Joshua and his marines, using my Word Bearers.  We rolled up Annihilation, Dawn of War and got started.

He brought along:
Librarian (Avenger, Null Zone) (with sternguard)
Captain w/Relic blade (with termies)
Assault terms (3xLC, 2xTH/SS) in land raider
Tac squad, Rhino, meltagun, sgt pf/combimelta
Tac squad (combat squadded) ML, plasmagun/rhino
5man scout squad, ML
8xSternguard, heavy flamer, rhino
Predator Autocannon/lascannon sponsons
Land Speeder HB/ML

I had my normal Word Bearers list:

Hell Hounds Word Bearers Chaos Space Marines (1850pts)

Daemon Prince Garm

Hvy Flamer
Extra Armor

Aspiring Champion w/twin lightning claws
Power fist/Icon of Chaos Glory

Icon of Chaos Glory
Champion (Twin LC)
Combi-bolter, PW
Combi-melta, PW
Combi-melta, Chainfist
Combi-melta, Powerfist
Heavy Flamer, Powerfist

Aspiring Champion w/Combi-flamer&Powerfist
Icon of Chaos Glory

Aspiring Champion w/Combi-flamer&Powerfist
Icon of Chaos Glory

10xDaemons (Chaos Hounds models)

10xDaemons (Flesh Hounds models)

Heavy Support
Defiler (battlecannon, reaper, hvy flamer)

Heavy Support
Daemonic Possession

We danced a little early on, but the kills started racking up soon enough.  My vindicator got one good shot in and killed the land raider, and later finished off the crippled speeder.  Josh pulled off a nice move boxing in one of my Rhino squads, casually popping the Rhino then Avengering the CSM as they spilled out.  I could go out one side and risk templates, or the other side into the teeth of the assault termies, poor choice either way.

On the other end my termies did pretty well, taking out the pred and chasing down some squad remnants.  The loyalist termies munched the other CSM squad, but were held up long enough for the Defiler to fleet over, and the termies and defiler traded ineffectual blows the rest of the game.  After the game we played it out to see how long the fight would go, with the Termies finally winning in turn 13.  Many, many 1's to hit and wound/pen were rolled in that scrum!  In the end the loyalists took the game, 8KP to 7.

I also got my first official league game in, vs. Eddie's Eldar.
He took a six(?) strong guardian jetbike squad, and two squadrons of three vypers each with scatter lasers.  A somewhat different force than my footslogging horde!  We rolled up a three objective seize ground, dawn of war.  I set up the heavy bolters and one cultist squad to grab the buildings in the middle and awaited the onslaught.  The scatter lasers trashed both buildings pretty quickly, and the rest of my force moved forward.  I lost a few squads but was able to take out most of the Vypers, and in the end won 2-1.  I was worried about his firepower, but he just wasn't able to kill enough fast enough, and once I started taking out or shaking vypers his firepower output went down fast.

Then on Thursday, I got together with John and headed over to check out Heroes Headquarters in Mocksville and get some games in before I had to run back for my classes.  The store itself was nice, still in startup mode but hopefully they'll grow and it'll work out.  They had a mix of stuff, some minis, some card/board games, RPGs, comics.  Couple of tables set up for mini games, with what I think was terrain borrowed from the GameOn group.  More tables available, and the owner Chris is a gamer too (shock), and for GW stuff he's working on Blood Angels and High Elves at the moment.  Lots of open space for more shelves/stock, hope it sticks around, but it's not special enough at the moment for me to make the trip out from Greensboro on a regular basis except for bigger events.  Bought some Pathfinder minis and got set up for a league game with John.

John had redone his Blood Angel list since our tryouts, still with a Librarian, though with jetpack now instead of on a bike.  Assault squad and a tac squad rounded his 500pt force out.  We got seize ground/pitched battle, and eventually I won 2-1.  The highlight for me was again killing his librarian with a missile shot to the face.  Hope they can keep cranking those guys out back at the monastery.

By this time Hugh had come in, and I got a game in with him while John grabbed lunch.  From what he was saying, I think Hugh's relatively new to 40K.  He has Chaos Marines, though for the league he's building up a Grey Knights force.  He took two GK squads with a psycannon each and a purgation squad (currently 2 psycannons, two incinerators, thunderhammer) with a heavy bolter razorback with psybolt ammo.

Capture and Control, Dawn of War.  A good bit of the Scythiak got shot to bits, as did the Razorback and a number of knights.  In the end we tied - he couldn't shift me off of my objective and I couldn't get my firepower on his last couple of Troops who managed to Fall Back onto his objective.  Hugh seemed like a good guy, hope to play him some more on the times I do make it back out there or if he treks to Greensboro.

So in one week I managed to get more 40K games in than I've managed in most months.  Awesome.


  1. I know that album... Mordred Rocks!

    Also... kudos on the game playing. I know how hard it is to actually get games into a schedule.

    Thing is, with me owning a game store, you would think that my opportunities for gaming would be fairly good. You would be (much to my own dismay at times) wrong...

    ... Time to go to the store and watch other people play games... =P

  2. @GopherDave - It is tough, and I frequently go a while between games. Our RPG group is roughly once a month, and can be even more irregular at times. It would be tough, even in a game store, since it's, you know, work. Hard to get games in while you're working!

    At least, and keep the store open.


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