Friday, March 25, 2011

League Decision - Rise of the Scythiak!

Thanks to all that responded in the comments or on the poll regarding which army to use for the local spring/summer league!  The advice was running a three way tie between the Orks, the Scythiak, and the Space Sharks, so there was no clear favorite there. 

While "The New Adventures of Mother Goose" (ugh) ran in the background earlier today, I broke out army lists, army books, and the league escalation rules and worked out potential armies for the three contenders.  They all seemed OK, so no real stand out there either.

So, modeling and time wise I went ahead and cut out the Space Sharks.  For the early phases, even assembling (to level I would want) the thirty marines, rhino, and pod over the next month (with the bulk in the next few days!) would be unlikely to impossible.  Out they went for now.

So Orks and Scythiak.  Both could be fun, and I could add stuff to the Orks, but the Scythiak still need finishing up, and they seem to fit the intent of the league better.  I am in fact still building them up, rather than the Orks where I would just be pulling from a fully finished army.  Add in the incentive that hopefully there will be plenty of loyalists and even some new Grey Knights running around, and a Chaos aligned army is appealing.  So the Scythiak it is!

For the first section (500pts) here's what I'll be using:

Cultist Platoon
Platoon Command Squad, PW/2 flamers -50pts
Infantry squad meltagun - 60pts
Infantry squad meltagun - 60pts

Technobarbarian platoon
Platoon Command Squad, PF/2 flamers - 55pts
Infantry squad grenade launcher - 55pts
Infantry squad grenade launcher - 55pts
Heavy Bolter support squad - 75pts

2xSpawntinels (scout sentinels) with Missile Launchers - 90pts

I had thought about leaving the HB squad out and sticking a smallish psyker battle squad in instead, but decided not to be that much of a jerk in the lower point levels, where chasing off one unit would be half of someone's army.  The sorcerer cabal will show up in higher point levels though where they're not so potentially icky.


  1. Looks like a solid starting line up.

  2. Your list looks like a good start. I am still trying to decide on my list for the league.


  3. Thanks folks! Yep, it's a bunch of wounds to wade through. We'll see how it does.

    @ColKillgore - Are you going with Admech, Nurgle CSM or something else this time around?

    @Papa JJ - Indeed! I may use that as my tagline for this campaign.


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