Tuesday, April 19, 2011

New Terrain!

With some of the money from selling my Tau army, aside from grabbing the things I need to make the Space Sharks later this year I also picked up a bit of terrain.

I got these off of ebay from icebergman who will hopefully make and sell more stuff.

Three bunker type buildings with platforms out front and on top, nicely textured, with some extra bits that help them pop, like hatches and grating.  Nicely based too.

Three chemical farm sections, not fully completed but that's fixed easily enough down the road.  Good to add a little variety to a field, and could be fun for more wacky games with special rules for blowing them up. These suffered a bit in transit, with sections of pipe coming lose, but easy enough to fix.  Nature of the beast, with long fiddly bits involved.

The bunkers are already based to fit in with a desert type theme, and I think I'll do the tanker farm in a similar fashion to help build up my desert collection and give my trukks something to fuel up from.


  1. It is always great to get new terrain. I just received my order of new Battlefield in the Box ruins and can't wait to get them based up.

    Guess this means we need a battle report featuring the new buildings. :-)

  2. That is some nice looking terrain, I think your Trukk Boyz will be happy. I really like the grating on the bunker pieces.


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