Saturday, April 16, 2011

Moving on up: League Stage Two, 750pts

Just a quick post listing what I'll be taking for the next stage of our 40K Escalation League.  We're moving up from 500pts to 750pts.  Still no HQ needed at this point and armor restrictions, but the limitation on 3+ wound models has been lifted.

After wishing I had better firepower and especially some mortars in some matches, I considered bringing in mortars and some other guns in now, but think I'll wait until the next bump to do that.  Instead, I'll bring in some bruisers...six Ogryn.  Rahr.  I wonder if I'll run into some super monstrosity like a Daemon Prince or a Trygon or something now that the wound restriction is gone.

I'm still pretty busy knocking out the final projects for the last two weeks of this semester, so I don't know how many games I'll get in during this cycle.  Since the games are quick at these lower levels hopefully I can get some in where they're arranged so involve minimal waiting and setup.  Some 40K games would be welcome breaks to all the paper writing!

So here's the 750pt list:

The Scythiak Usurpation – Chaos “Imperial Guard” 500pts
(Troops) Cultist Platoon
Platoon Command Squad, Power weapon, 2 flamers -50pts
Infantry squad meltagun - 60pts
Infantry squad meltagun - 60pts

(Troops)Techno-barbarian platoon
Platoon Command Squad, Power Fist, 2 flamers - 55pts
Infantry squad grenade launcher - 55pts
Infantry squad grenade launcher - 55pts
Heavy Bolter support squad (3xHeavy Bolters)- 75pts

(Fast Attack) 2xSpawn-Riders (scout sentinels) with Missile Launchers - 90pts
Total: 500pts

Upgrade to 750pts
(Elites) 6xOgryn - 250pts


  1. I wish our lower level games in our Escalation League had the "NO HQ required" option, that would have made things much easier.

    Sounds fun! Hope you get some games in, I know how hard it is.

  2. An HQ requirement wouldn't be too bad for IG (if you don't tool them up), but for some armies it would pretty much restrict you to HQ plus one Troop at 500.

    I hope to get some games in too, some short breaks for some mayhem would be very welcome, but we'll see if they can be arranged.


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