Monday, April 11, 2011

Scythiak Usurpation - WIP Sorcerer Coven

I really should be finishing up the Cultists instead, since I'm currently using them in the league, but got inspired to work on these guys instead.  Maybe fighting all those Librarians and Grey Knights activated some psyker-jealousy.  So I did more work on these guys, "overseen" by the enigmatic Mors Vaul (in black, above).

 One of the things that had been holding me up was deciding how to do the masks and the contrasting tunics over the robes some of them have.  I ended up with gold masks and a sort of tan overlay for the tunics, tying in with the general Scythiak fatigues.

They could stand a few more levels of highlights and shading.  Though they'll probably die pretty quickly on the table, they're fun figures and deserve a little extra. 


  1. Who could possibly have Psyker envy when looking at the Grey Knights? :-)
    The squad looks good, if you are gonna die, die in style!

  2. haha, equal parts silly and scary, i like them a lot!

  3. I think these models are great. Who makes them? Nicely painted too I should say.

  4. Thanks folks!

    @Isiah - They're actually from Games Workshop. Old early 90's Chaos Sorcerers.

    You can still get some of them from GW in the Collectors area:

    ...but for most of them stalking ebay is your best bet.

  5. Very nice indeed.
    Given the feel of them, id say the level of highlighting suits, too much and they will look too clean i rekon. Dark and dirty looks good on them.

  6. Great looking squad, these guys turned out really well. Good decision going with the gold masks and tan tunics, too. I especially like the bases... very nice work!

  7. @Meph - Thanks! I'll leave them alone for a while and see what I think next time I look at them. I don't think any of my figs could be accused of being too clean though!

    @Papa JJ - Thanks! I like how they've been turning out.


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