Saturday, April 9, 2011

Wreck Markers

I had seen versions of this online a while back, as have most of you no doubt. I wanted to do it for a while, but just recently got around to it.

You need:

Tea lights (preferably on sale after Christmas happy.gif )
Cotton (free from medicine, vitamin bottles, etc)
White glue

What you do:

Score up the sides of the tea lights with the knife, to help the glue on the normally smooth plastic.

Put glue on the sides of the tea lights.

Pull apart cotton a bit so you can fit the light partway into the middle. Mash the cotton around the sides into the glue with one hand.

Tease out the top part of the cotton with the glue-free hand.

Set aside to dry, wash hands.



Other folks have painted the cotton, doing great reds and blacks and the like, but I like it as is for now. Plus, I can use them to double as smoke markers when they're off.


  1. oh so cool! I really like the light up effects.

  2. Those look great and I very much appreciate the simplicity of build. Awesome!

  3. They are very easy to make. Once you have the stuff to do it, it's a quick and easy project.

  4. They sell the Tea Lights at the Dollar Store 2 for a Dollar most of the time. They are cool, I may have to make me some in the near future.


  5. This guy also did a quick spray with spray paint and it really makes it look nice

  6. Yeah, as noted I've seen lots of them with various colors or just black, but kept them white for now. May get around to a quick spray sometime. Thanks for the reminder!


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