Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Merkan 76th Imperial Guard: Reinforcements!


Having had my fill of grey marines for a little while, I decided to switch gears and quickly knock out some reinforcements for my Merkan 76th Imperial Guard. Hmm, I guess I'll need to update that profile sometime!  I had this Chimera and Manticore sitting around for a while.  I got them second hand already assembled, so this meant all I had to do was paint!

Spray, simple painting, a little drybrushing, brush on wood stain, seal and a second gloss on the lenses and pretty much done.  Won't win any awards, but a quick job to get some extra options.

At the same time I did these armored sentinels, which have also been sitting around for a while ever since I got them from cvinton of Dark Future Games.  The fancy basing is all him, and the weapons loadout comes nicely pre-magnetized for flexibility.  Thanks man, saved me a lot of work!  I plan to run them with the plasma cannons so painted those up, but the other options are nearby if needed.

I went ahead and left on the fist icons, doing them in white to have them pop a bit.  Plus kind of funny for a unit with no hands to have one as its symbol IMO.

Back to finishing up the Space Sharks assault squad next (transfers, graffiti, basing, sealing) and then either continue with the planned speeder, or swap it out for a Space Sharks librarian for challenge shenanigans. 


  1. The models are looking good. I agree about the magnetized sentinel weapons. I did the same with my scout sentinel auto cannons and multi-lasers.


  2. Thanks. It was very nice having the magnets already done.

  3. Great simple paint scheme. It's so nice to play with painted models! I wish I could get mine out this rapidly with such nice end results


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