Monday, May 24, 2010

Silver Snikrot Strikes, Slicing Several Squads - IG vs. Orks Batrep, 1500pts

Had a game today with Seneca, who though a long-term (and by long-term, I mean as in half of his Ravenwing are on jetbikes long-term), devoted Dark Angels player has been moving towards starting up Orks as well.  We gave him a test-run with my Orks a few months ago and he seemed to enjoy them, and today he took to the field with my Orks again though with a modified list, facing my Merkan IG.  His new Snikrot purchase, some old Grots, and a Bad Moon surplus dread and we were ready to go!

We played 1500pts, Pitched Battle Annihilation.

I used the same list as in my previous battle with the World Eaters:

Company Command Squad (PW, Regimental Standard, HB team)
Platoon Command Squad (PW, 2 GL)
      3xsquads with Plasmagun
      Mortar HW squad
      Lascannon HW squad
      Heavy Bolter HW squad
      2xML HW squads

Platoon Command Squad (PW, 2 GL)
      2xsquads with Plasmagun

Leman Russ Eradicator - hull lascannon

Leman Russ - hull lascannon, HB sponsons

Leman Russ - hull lascannon, HB sponsons

The Orks brought:

Warboss, PK, attack squig, eavy armor (attached to Snikrot's squad)

8xKommandos, 2xBurnas, Snikrot

6xMeganobs, 3xKombi-Skorcha, Battlewagon w/killcannon, deffrolla, armor plates

30xSlugga boys, PK/pole nob

19xgrots, slaver

12xard boys, pk/pole nob, trukk rokkit/ram/wrecking ball

Deff Dredd, 2xSkorchas

I won the roll-off, set up first, and after the Orks failed to seize the initiative, went first.

A lot of shooting later, there was a shaken Trukk and a few Orks killed by mortar fire.  Very unimpressive.

The dredd advances, but is destroyed the following turn.  It played no real part in the battle, but I did take a pic of it, so here it is. ;-)

The large Ork mob, screened by Grots, moves up in the middle, while the mechanized forces surge towards my right flank.

Some more Orks and Grots in the middle die.  A lot of firepower heads towards the Trukk, eventually destroying it.  After the ard boyz climb out of the wreckage, the Eradicator lands a shot on them, taking out most of the mob. 

The battlewagon charges forward into a guard squad.  The mighty deff rolla manages one wound, which the guardsman saves against.  Maybe it couldn't squash them as they were running too fast, having failed their morale check from the tank shock.  Meganobs pile out, ardboyz move around, and the Waaaghh! is called!

In the middle the footslogging Orks roll a one for their Waagh-induced fleet and fall short.  The Orks on the right, being much closer have no problems making contact and wiping out their opposition.

The Eradicator tank shocks through the remaining ard boyz and the meganobs, but both pass morale.  The IG finish off the ardboyz and one meganob, but a battlecannon shot scatters over to the Eradicator and immobilizes it.

The Orks get a number of charges off and clear a good portion of the field:

Snikrot finally arrives in turn 4.  He and the Kommandos take out some heavy weapons, while the Warboss breaks off but fails to take out a Russ.

A few more Orks are killed, but they manage to take out even more guard and the remaining tanks.  In the end two partial guard squads remain as the game ends at the end of turn 5, with an Ork victory 14 to 5!  Let the looting begin!

Even though he showed up late, Snikrot proved that he's a beast.  I was already planning to pick up the model, but may actually drop a kopta or something to make room for him sometimes in my lists too.


  1. Great batrep. I've said this before, but I really like the look of your IG, as well as those Orks (whom I'd never seen before).

  2. Thanks on all counts!

    The project log for the Orks can be seen here:

  3. Very cool. Those trucks are the real deal.

    Thanks for the link.

  4. Nice batrep, I always like to see Orks in action, and that's a good looking IG force.

    I don't know if it came up with you guys, but I've run into problems attaching an IC to Snikrot's unit. A lot of people/tournaments are going to consider it against the rules. I fought for it, but in the end had to agree that the Ambush rule did not specifically call out ICs. It sure is fun though...

  5. I raised an eyebrow about the IC coming in w/Snikrot at first, but there isn't anything in the Ambush rule that rules it out, and you can attach before they deploy, so I guess it's OK even though it could be a little weird having a Mega armored boss being a ninja. ;-)

    One thing we did miss is that if attached to a unit coming on from reserve, the IC can't leave them on the same turn they arrive, so the boss couldn't go moving/charging off on his own.

  6. That's what I thought about the Ambush rule too, that it didn't rule it out. Unfortunately, with an IC, it has to 'rule it in' for it to be okay.

    It might have flown under the radar if I just brought in a Warboss on foot, but I was bringing a Biker Boss in with the Kommandos. Sure he had to stay with them the turn they arrived, but after that it was fun zooming around the enemy backfield.

  7. First off, nice battle report.

    Secondly, I would have to say that the character cannot attach himself to the Kommando Mob. If you look at the Space Wolf FAQ, they state that only a character that takes the special Oath of the Hunter can attach himself to the scouts. They state this:

    Can an Independent Character that has joined a Wolf Scouts pack outflank?

    No he cannot. He can only join an outflanking unit if he has the ability to outflank because of the Saga of the Hunter.

    I do not know about the Ork FAQ, but that has been the rule that is enforced at RTT tournaments. An Independent Character has to have the ability to Scout or Infiltrate or Outflank otherwise the squad he joins must deploy normally.

    This is what makes characters like Khan so powerful as they can give any Space Marine the ability to outflank as long as they originally have tactics.

  8. Not to turn this into a rules discussion thread, but...

    I agree that it feels bogus, but I think it's legal. It's not an ability that the *unit* has, like Infiltrate - that's the kind of situation the SW FAQ addresses. It's an ability that Snikrot alone has that he passes on to his unit, so I feel it would apply.

    It's like a Chaos Lord joining a unit of Plague Marines - they have FNP as a rule, he doesn't, so Lord doesn't get it. But if a Warboss joins a Nob unit with a Painboy, who has a rule that extends FNP to his unit, as long as the Warboss remains part of the unit, he benefits.

  9. Forgot to add - so a Warboss joining a unit of kommandos would not be able to Infiltrate, or by extension Outflank, as it's part of the general unit rules each model has, but he could tag along with a unit that includes Snikrot as the Ambush rule is bestowed upon everyone in the unit.

  10. i am equally glad to read high praise for the fine models on display, as well as the discussion on the legality of the use of snikrots special rule. sons is a immensely skilled modeler & whats more a real pleasure to play against. when i first heard of this tactic with snikrot i was skeptical, but after having read his special rule i can see no reason to think it worse than cheesy.(aka illegal) as for the guy who was trying to mix a biker with an infantry squad, there are other issues @ play there.

  11. I want the Ambush rule to extend to attached ICs. The the reason I got shot down from using it boiled down to the rules for ICs in the BRB. Unfortunately, the Ambush rule doesn't specifically include ICs in it's wording.

    (while the reason the Painboy confers FNP to a Boss is because it's through a piece of wargear present, a little different)

    Really though, I think it could go either way. I just don't play it that way any more because it won't fly in any tourneys, and I don't want to get used to it. (thank you INAT)


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