Wednesday, March 2, 2011

New Overlords and Old Stuff Day

 I had the honor the other day of visiting the chaps over at The Overlords via Skype and participated in their Room 40,001 segment.  If you'd like to hear what I sound like while being an American git to a bunch of gracious British gents, check out Episode 37.

Yesterday I got down to the local Hobbytown and met a couple new folks.  Got a game in with Darryl (IIRC) and his Tyranids with my Orks.  Seize Ground/Spearhead.  Brutal game, won in the end by his three strong out of synapse termagants taking everything thrown at them to survive at the end and win the day 1-0 while my big shoota boyz squad couldn't move fast enough to get to another objective for the tie.  In the end I had one kopta, 2/3 of the shoota boyz, one weaponless trukk and my bikers left, he had the three termagants, hive tyrant and one guard.  Out of 1500 starting, pretty rough fight!

Also met a returning player, Jason, who is getting back into 40K with his Chaos Marines, who are very cool looking Nurglefied Blood Angels.  Hopefully next time I see him I'll remember my camera.

 Rob over at Warhammer 39,999 proposed a hobby blogging add-on to Old Stuff Day.  While the "regular" version is about shaking up stale habits, this version is about revisiting old, but hopefully still worthy blog content.  So we're hopefully shaking up the stale habit of only looking at the most recent blog posts - go dig around in archives, and comment while you're there!  There's no law against liking something more than a week old!

Some of the old posts I'm fond of here:

Why Play Chaos? - Hopefully useful for new players looking at armies, as well as possibly re-inspiring vets.

40K in the Long Haul  - How to limit the disruptions from edition and codex changes.

WYSIWYG vs. Counts-as vs. Proxies - I often see these confused - here's my take on what they are and my views on them.

End of the NMM affair - This spoof of the Leafblower lament was pretty well-received.

A-Z Guide to the Blogosphere - If you don't feel like going through my entire blogroll or all the stuff on my profile, this could be a good place to start digging further into some great sites.


  1. The guide to the blogosphere was sucha a nice idea!

    I think someday I'll do my own.


  2. Thanks, look forward to seeing your version!


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