Monday, February 28, 2011

Scythiak Usurpation - bases update part 2

Some more warm weather let me seal up the Scyhtiak that are done so far, and I also added some bits and bobs to the more open bases, the Spawn Riders and the Heavy Bolter squad.

Some metal screening cut up and glued to the bases as bits of wrecked fencing.

And the Heavy Bolter guys:

More metal screen, plastic GW barrel, plastic bit from Cyberclicks set, plastic bit from IIRC old Ork buggy.

I've also gotten a little bit of work done on the counts-as Russ.  I gave up on the airbrush until I get some more appropriate paints for it, so resorted to using a spray can on the tank and will do some drybrushing and detail work on it later.


  1. Great work as usual. Good to see some pics of these guys, been a while!

  2. Okay, those spawn riders are seriously freaking me out. This is a fantastic looking army, and the basing looks great with the models.

  3. Thanks folks. Glad they're appropriately disturbing.

  4. Liked those bits and metal screen! A lot!

    A good base work adds SO much charachter to the miniatures... Good work!

  5. My lord man, those missile launchers are old as dirt. Some great stuff.

  6. Oh my -- those spawn are awesome! And the old school missile launchers are delicious. I really like the work on the bases -- it offsets the miniatures very well. Great job!

  7. Thanks everyone!

    Yeah, I love those missile launchers; I've been waiting a while to use them for something. I have a number of the conversion beamers and "autocannons" (though IMO these day would work better as heavy stubbers) that I hope to work in somewhere too.

    For those unfamiliar with the old chaos weapons, there's a plastic sprue:


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