Sunday, March 20, 2011

40K League options

Our local club is looking at doing a 40K escalation league over the spring/summer and I'm thinking about joining up.

Part of the emphasis is on building up forces, and I am unsure about how much time I'll have over the next month to get something really rolling, as the end of the semester is going to be a major crunch time for me with major papers/projects due in all my classes.

Another part of the emphasis is to try to play in a new store in the "area", Heroes Headquarters.  I haven't had a chance to get out there yet, but it sounds like a good place, and I'm happy to get more stores in the vicinity.  It is an hour away though which is much less convenient than the local Hobbytown, or the local spot the club had access to during good weather, or here of course.  I'd still like to get out to Heroes Headquarters, but it would be a substantial time and gas investment each time.

I'm debating which army to use.  Before I go into that, let me share the timeframe and scoring outline:

* League schedule :

500 pts - now thru Apr 15

750 pts - Apr 16 - Apr 29th
1000 pts Apr 30 - May 13
1250 pts - May 14 - may 27
1500 pts - May 28 - June 10
1850 pts - June 11 - June 24
2000 pts - June 25 - July 8

Plus look for exciting events happening during the course of the league to earn

bonus of these in the plans is a five game 1000 pt tournament

* Official Warhammer 40k rules will be in effect for the entire league

* FORGEWORLD rules/list/armies will be allowed pending approval, please keep in

mind that these list are not tournament legal, (just so you know keep your
baneblades, shadowswords, gargants ect at home)
* Army list are due by midnight before the next cycle starts
* You must play the same list thru out each time cycle
* You may change wargear on units at the start of the cycle or upgrade units
* You must play the same army thru out the league
* Scoring:
wins : 4 pts
tie : 2 pts
loss : 0 pts

A recorded game played at Hero HQ + 1 pt

losing general has the option to write a battle report/fluff/background story

involving the battle + 1 pt ( to be posted on GameonGW...some storys will be
used to form a narrative for the league)

Donate a useable piece of terrain to the store( to be kept ) +1 pt up

to +3 pts ( once per cycle)

+1 pt for each unit, transport or hq painted in your army at the end of the

league that
was not painted at the beginning of the league
( figures must be painted to 3
color minimum )( this is an honor system but use common sense, any figures
started now are eligible)

All active players ( players with 6 or more games) will have 3 bonus pts to hand

out to opponents at the end of the league. These can be for great
painting...theme...battles...sportsmanship or contribution to the league.

* play as many games as you like but only your two best games each cycle count

500 pt rules:

• Armies are no more than 500 points.

• You must have one Troop choice.
• You may have one HQ choice, but no
more than one.
• You may spend remaining points from
anywhere in the Codex.
• No model can have more than 2 Wounds.
• No Special Characters.
• No 2+ saves.
• No vehicles with a total Armour value
greater than 33. This is calculated by
adding the Front, Side and Rear armour
numbers. (Only count the Side once)
• No MC's
• all games played on a 4X4

750 pt rules:

• Armies are no more than 750 points.

• You must have at least two troop choice.
• You may have one HQ choice, but no
more than one.
• You may spend remaining points from
anywhere in the Codex.
• No Special Characters.
• No 2+ saves.
• No vehicles with a total Armour value
greater than 33. This is calculated by
adding the Front, Side and Rear armour
numbers. (Only count the Side once)
• No MC's
• all games played on a 4X4

1000 pt rules:

• You must have at least 1 HQ and 2 troop choices

• All games played on a 4X4 table
• You may drop one unit from your list for any reason

1250 pts until end

All 40K rules are in effect, all games played on a 4x6 table
 So I have a few fundamental decisions to make.

First, do I want to try to seriously win the league, which would involve trying to get the most points possible - ie winning two games per period, and doing so at the particular store, painting up a bunch of units and donating a bunch of terrain, or do I want to just look at it as a way to get some different types of games in over the next few months, hopefully with some different people too?  I'm leaning pretty heavily towards the second option, just write off my $10 entry fee instead of spending a lot of gas money and time trying to chase a top spot and still winding up in the hole financially.

The second decision is what army to do for the league?

My Tau are hopefully going to be someone else's soon, are already finished, and I would need some form of other HQ for below 1500pts due to Shadowsun's requirements.  Three strikes, they're out.

My Silver Skulls SM and Word Bearers CSM are pretty much done; I have a ton of other things I'd rather work on instead of them.  They're out.

My Merkan 76th IG - I do plan to add a few Sentinels, and I could justify a few other things for them, but they feel pretty done as is.

Kommissar Krumpa's Orks - While the 1850 army is done, Kans are in the works, and I've thought about adding some extra stuff like regular Nobz, Burnas, Tankbustas, Lootas, Looted Wagon, maybe some buggies.  I'd have a good bit I could work on for them but I wouldn't feel pressured.

The Scythiak Usurpation Chaos Guard- I have a good bit left to finish - cultist platoon, psykers, two rough rider squads, vehicles, company command, could add other stuff.  So could add a good deal over the course of the league but wouldn't feel pressured in the early weeks and could just use fully painted stuff in the lower point levels.

Sons of Horus Chaos Marines - I have a ton finished, but they're old and could stand updating.  For the most part this would involve repainting units, though I might add a few new ones in as well.

The eponymous Sons of Taurus CSM - Would be one of the start from scratch projects, but I'd have more to show for it at the end.

Space Sharks Space Marines - Another start from scratch project.

So, beloved readers - do any of the armies appeal to you more to see more modeling and painting progress on over the next few months, to see more battle reports for, etc?  Who would you like to see me concentrating on and why?  If I can figure it out I'll also toss a poll up on the right.  (edit - Poll is up and running on the top right of the page - scroll back up if you missed it!)



  1. Decisions decisions. And I look forward to seeing what you choose since my LFGS is thinking about Summer happenings right now, too.

    All depends on time, I'd say.

    Your main goal seems to play games at a new place. Sounds to me like you should use an already-done army, then if you like playing there, toss in some terrain.

    Orks it is.

  2. Space Sharks!

    Seriously, while I would love to see your take on the Space Sharks, I think the Orks would be a better fit and cause you less stress.

  3. @Jason - Sound reasoning. Hope your summer events go well.

    @Mags - Interesting, another Ork vote. The Sharks will still get done regardless; if something else gets used for the league it just means they may get pushed back a bit.

    Thanks for the input so far folks!

  4. What you should be asking yourself, Holy crap I hope the mighty Eddar is not going to join the league. The Eddar is the toughest army this side of the galaxy. It is to bad I do not have an army capable of being on the same table as the Eddar.

    Once you get your answers to those pressing questions you should have your answers. The worst part about this league is the location. I would think your taurus chaos army has the best shot.

    The problem the Eddar have in an escalation setting I would seriously have to retool the list for the first 3 weeks. Hmm maybe the releasing of the Eddar jetbike killer bee army! Or Scorpions, Dragons and Banshees oh my!

  5. @Eddie - So you don't think I should take the Chaos Guard army that crushed the Eddar before? You'd rather not see your Guardians crushed by Ogryn again or see your Vypers go down under the hooves of Rough Riders? Well, OK, I can take your delicate sensibilities into account when making the decision I guess.

    Jetbikes would be good, and very annoying at lower point levels.

  6. Yes. Your chaos guard did beat me. However you forgot one small detail. You got a victory on my first game back before I made the current flying circus list. Way to go on beating me before I knew all the 5 th Ed stuff and not playing since 1999. I understand though a win is a win!

    All joking aside. Playing you is always a challenge! You always push me to think of new ways to beat you. Your armies are always beautiful to look at and your a great person to play the game with. It is always a great game, even though your 1-2 vs my eldar if you keep trying you may get a win somewhere.


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