Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Recent Happenings

I'm still debating which army to use in the local spring/summer escalation league - hit the poll on the right to share your thoughts and/or check out the last post for the details.

The Tau Grand Alliance has sold, and should be headed off to New York later today.  I'm sad to see them go, but hope they'll end up with someone who will use them more than I have recently.

Despite having a lot to do, I decided I needed a respite and spent the day at the local Hobbytown.  I played an 1850 game with my Orks against Joshua's Ultramarine scheme but not-Ultramarines marines, Seize Ground Dawn of War. 

He let me have first turn, and I deployed my large shoota boyz squad across the center of the table to push his deployment back away from objectives, and left the rest to walk on turn one, with kommandos outflanking.  He just infiltrated some sniper scouts on and left the rest for turn one.  The thin green line kept the marines boxed in for the most part and they had trouble getting to the objectives, and Joshua had some horrible luck with morale rolls for his tactical squads, with repeated pins and falling off the table.  Hurrah for the lobbas!  The sternguard and terminators did a solid amount of damage at the end, and combined with some good maneuvering let him pull out a 0-0 draw at the end from what was shaping up to be a disappointing loss.

After lunch I swapped the Orks out for the Silver Skulls all-pod army, and teamed up with John's Blood Angels against the Eddar and Zach's Tyranids.  Fun game, but a ton of stuff and pretty much at the top end of the level of clutter I can deal with in a 40K game.  The marines made a good accounting of themselves, but in the end the combination of fire prisms and big bugs just did too much damage. 

Now off to errands, a ton of reading and finishing up some school projects for tomorrow!


  1. It wouldnt let me vote in the poll so I'll just do it here

    vote - Chaos Guard.

  2. Thanks for the vote! Sorry you had trouble accessing the poll. You do need to be signed in for it to work, don't know if that was the issue.

  3. it won't let me vote either but I say space sharks.


  4. One of my all time favorite bands, You have taste sir


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