Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Selling Tau - giving it another shot

The army didn't sell before, but I cut the price and am giving it another shot. If interested, check out the auction.  If they don't sell this time I'll probably cut my losses and keep them around for when I'm feeling funky.

There are actually 12 of these guys, one was apparently making good use of his Fieldcraft at the time of this picture.

Thanks for looking, and good luck if you bid!

edit: Retook pics:


  1. You might want to retake the pictures. The camera is too far away to really tell the detail and your light source is too strong, washes out the pics. (Don't use a flash)

  2. Thanks for the advice. Seeing them in person sometimes it's hard to separate the model and the pic. Did some quick retakes (posted above).

  3. ...and they've sold! The Tau will be infiltrating their way up to New York state soon. Fun while they lasted!


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