Thursday, September 30, 2010

Painting progress: RPG character plus Scythiak

Just wanted to show that I have been making a little painting progress. 

First up, a potential character for a D&D game, Alexandros of Therosia, hero from the mythic Greek equivalent in the campaign world.  Figure is from Reaper (03104, Urian).

I'm having second thoughts about the last-minute drybrushing on the crest, think it's too light.  Might go back and do another wash or something to darken it back up.

Next up, some initial paint on the Scythiak Ogryn squad:

I'm thinking that for the Scythiak I may go against my normal way of working, which is assembly lining the entire army one stage at a time.  I'm thinking of writing up smaller point lists, like start at 1000 and complete those units first, then go on to 1500, then finally 2000. 

I'll probably be doing some intervening projects as well, a figure here and there or some add-ons I've been meaning to do for some of the other armies to help break up the monotony and fit better into the short painting times I've had available lately.


  1. I think Alexandros is perfect. Love the shield and headpiece.

  2. The D&D character is superb! I'm also loving those Ogryn. The use of the Defiler heads is inspired.

  3. Thanks folks. I may do up some alternate characters, and when I find out what the other characters are going to be I plan to paint up figs for them as well.

    I love the defiler masks, so many uses. Ogryn, Daemon Princes...I've even used them for a Defiler! ;-)


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