Thursday, September 23, 2010

Me? At a Con? Really? Southern Front ho!

While it's not one of the "big boys" like Adepticon, GenCon or Historicon, it's a start!

I'm planning on making it out to Southern Front 2010 on Sunday, for some miniatures gaming goodness.  If you happen to be going also, hope to run into you!  I expect to only get in one game, but hope to be able to participate in some good ol' Napoleonics, run by Ed Mohrmann. 

This will be a trip down memory lane for me, as way back in my teen years Ed, Larry Brom and others from the Triangle Simulation Society very kindly frequently made the trip down from Raleigh to Winston-Salem to run games for us at the long-defunct J&S Hobbies.  I was pretty much just an RPG and boardgame player at that point, but they really helped the miniatures bug bite me hard.  To top it off, Ed will be using the "Before I Was a Marshal..." rules set which was probably my favorite from those old days.  Huzzah!

If you should also be planning to attend, let me know and maybe we can meet up.  If we're really lucky maybe we can even exchange some musket fire.


  1. Fabulous. I LOVE Napoleonics- they're so much fun but offer such a challenge.

    Have a great time!

  2. I really need to pay more attention to what's going on, it seems I keep learning just a little too late about cons and gaming events which I'd enjoy attending. Thanks for the info, I'll have to remember Southern Front for next year. Best of luck to you on Sunday!

  3. Is this a tournament or just sort of an open-gaming event? Looks cool, one way or another...

  4. @Loquacious - I love 'em too. Did a lot of Nappy, ACW, and Franco-Prussian back in the day.

    @Papa, Xaereth - It's open gaming, though there are some prizes for some games. Mostly though it's a way to get a lot of gamers and stuff together at once place & time. The org (TSS) does a number of events each year, with the main ones being Southern Front in the fall and Spring Fever in the spring.

  5. Hey Sons, Chuckaroobob and the some of the boys from the Basement of Heaped Miniatures have already headed out for the show.

  6. Yeah, hope to run into some folks. I can only make it out for Sunday, but have asked John to sign me up for the Nappy event.

  7. Not going to do a whole post on it, but for those interested, overall I was disappointed. It was nice to see folks, including some I hadn't seen in years, meet some new folks and see some great tables and figures, but the game itself was pretty disappointing.

    Disorganized and way too much stuff on the table. I would have been much happier with us using forces half the size on the same table, allowing us to get twice as much done and actually get closer to a real conclusion. As it was most of our time was spent setting up, shuffling around, and putting away hordes of figures that never had any impact on the battle.

    The vendors had some nice stuff, but by Sunday they were mostly either already gone or packing up so I didn't get much time to see what they had. I did pick up an old metal Chaos Spawn and a dragon fig for $5 each from a flea market table.

    The other games had great tables, but didn't really look very exciting either. I may still try to go to some events for single days if there's something that looks especially interesting, but overall I think now I know what I've been missing, and I don't miss it as much now that I know.

  8. Too bad about the game, that does sound kind of pointless. Thanks for the report.


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