Thursday, September 9, 2010

Sample Killzone Teams

Bunch of sample teams for Killzone. All built at 200pts, and using special Killzone gear and skills (which are in bold).

Orks (200)
6xFlash Gits, More Dakka
----Team Leader + Shootier, +1 BS, FNP Radius
(6 members)

Compact team with a good many shots on the move that can potentially threaten any infantry in the game, a lot of wounds and staying power and a good many CC attacks, S5 on the charge.
I think Killzone is a good opportunity to try out units that normally don't get included in regular 40K games, like the flash gits. Even if you don't run a full team of them like this, picking up one can give you a good utility hitter for the team.

Orks (200)
Kommando Nob (Team Leader) Big choppa, FNP radius
Deffkopta TL rokkits, Targeter
6xShoota Boyz
(13 members)

With infiltrate and move through cover, Kommandos should be able to position where needed, and the Nob can do serious damage and help keep them all alive. Meganob as a walking tank, even moreso if kept near the kommando nob. Shoota boyz for general dakka and extra bodies. Kopta for fast response unit, able to maneuver for needed shots, with targeter for when able to sit still.

Tau (200)
10xFire Warriors w/Photon Grenades
Kroot + Stealth
Stealth Suit
Stealth Suit (Team Leader) + Medipack, Rending (shooting)
(13 members)

Bunch of shooting, like any Tau army. Photon grenades to help survive initial CC, and for ability to throw grenades. Stealth suits to jump around, making use of the LOS blocking clutter to jump shoot jump as much as possible. TL with rending burst cannon for extra damage, and medipack to keep himself and the other suit going.

Tau (200)
5xPathfinders w/Photon Grenades
1xPathfinder w/Photon Grenades, Rail Rifle
Broadside (Team Leader) with Suspensors for rail guns.
(9 members)

Not the same kind of volume of fire as the first team, but some of it is a lot more dangerous. When stationary, pathfinders markerlight to reduce cover saves for the broadside and rail rifle and vespid hang back to intercept threats. When moving forward, the pulse carbines provide decent firepower on the move, and the broadside can keep up thanks to the suspensors allowing him to still fire the railguns, or he can just switch to the smart missiles. Vespid, with their inherent skilled flyer rule make for good jump troops in a cluttered environment, and can hopefully position for some good cover-ignoring shots with their AP3 guns.

Chaos Space Marines (200)
CSM w/Missile Launcher, Targeter
CSM w/Plasmagun
CSM w/Auspex
Noise Marine
Noise Champion (Team Leader) w/Power Weapon, Fleet, Move through Cover
(7 members)

BS5 Missile Launcher, with buddy carrying Auspex nearby to ignore cover, plinks away at long range to eliminate threats early. Plasmagunner to eliminate closer threats, and a number of bolters to kick out decent damage. TL as a combat monster, able to ignore terrain, running 12 and then assaulting 6 at I5 with a PW, and extra wound as TL to help him make sure he gets to combat.

Imperial Guard (200)
Vet sgt (Team Leader)
3 vets with plasmaguns
Heavy Bolter team + suspensors, +1 BS
4 vets
Armored Sentinel (multilaser)
(11 members)

Vets over regular guardsmen for the BS4 and multiple plasmaguns, which should scare a lot of elite teams. BS 5 heavy bolter providing covering fire, with ability to move and fire if needed. Armored sentinel to frustrate teams with low AT ability and provide some more high strength shots, and if necessary provide cover for guardsmen to advance behind.


  1. Fantastic! That first one is particularly nice... put a smile on my face seeing those guys. I'm impressed with what you're able to pack into 200 points, through play testing is that your preferred points level so far?

  2. Thanks! I think it's a nice round number, lets you get some different things but still keeps it pretty small. Too much higher and the codexes with low individual points costs start bumping up against the model caps.

  3. TINBOYZ!!!!! First time I've seen those in a list in a while, I hadn't thought of using them as Flash gits before as I only have two (painted as a Space Wolf & Flesh Tearer). I do also have two of the old freebooter captains with cybork bodies though, so that should work...

  4. DMC - I normally run them in my regular Ork list along with the power armored Orks as Ard Boyz, but do think both would work really well as Flash Gits. Old Freebootas sound like a great addition too!

  5. OOP CSM FTW. Love it. Great post.

  6. Yay! I love those old school orks mate! The rest of the teams are also good. I think that a Deffkopta is something to fear in the game like Killzone.

  7. Thanks folks!

    You can find more pics of the tinboyz, PA Orks and others through the My Dakka Gallery link on the right side.


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