Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Special Operations Killzone arrives!

Today marks the release of the Beta test of the Killzone rules!  For those who haven't heard of them before, Killzone is a fan-made 40K modification allowing for more skirmish-level fights between competing elite teams.  It started as an attempt to fuse the more appealing elements from the two different versions of Kill Team and clean them up, but has grown into something a bit more.  You'll need to know 5th ed 40K and have the appropriate codexes in order to play; Killzone is essentially an extra layer put over regular Kill Team.  If you can play 40K, you can pick up and play Killzone very easily.  Since so much defaults to regular 40K, the rules themselves are pretty short.  The errata for the various armies is longer, but again pretty simple, providing some guides for building a team from that codex and addressing any special situations to make them work with the model vs. unit framework.  Then there are a number of missions to choose from. 

Big Jim from Galaxy in Flames started work on it, and invited a number of other folks, myself included, to help iron things out.  We managed to get through it a lot faster than we expected, which leaves even more time for playtesting and feedback.

The first place to hit would be Big Jim's lair, to download the rules, errata, and scenarios.  You can also see examples of teams he's looking to make himself.

I know many blog-folks disdain forums, but we have a Killzone forum anyways.  Come visit and fill out playtest results to let us know how we can improve the rules set.  If we did something right, you can tell us that too! 

A couple of other blogs I'm rather fond of also have put up some good KZ content already.  Check out the old-school teams being put together at diceRolla and also by bsmoove.  If you poke around bsmoove's site, he also has a good many posts about some other multiple-team Kill Team (not Killzone) games he's done, on a great Space-Hulk style table.   


  1. Time to check it out. Been waiting on this, the rules release.

  2. Downloaded and am reading as we speak, err type. Can't let Big Jim beat me to bad when we play next month!

  3. Awesome. Glad you guys are checking it out. Be sure to hop on the forums when you've looked it over and let us know what you think!

  4. The new ruleset looks really good, well done! I signed up for the forum, too. Nice work, thanks for putting in all the extra effort to make such a cool product.


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