Wednesday, May 12, 2010

From Merka with Love - IG Missile Teams WIP

I decided to do some writing on the ML team's missiles, like artillery/bomber crews sometimes do.

Skull, "Kil" like they used to have all over RT stuff, and a Kilroy.

"Pop!", "Name" - as in, yours on it, "Krak!"

"Ouch", "Hi!", "Die".

An explosion, "Deth", and a lightning bolt like their shoulder insignia.

I would have liked to do somewhat longer ones, but limited by my brush and steadiness.  Maybe more extensive ones if I ever add a Manticore or something to the army. :-)


  1. Your Imperial Guard is coming along very nicely. The rockets/missiles with words on them is very WWII-ish and reminds me of when Americans were putting things like "from Uncle Sam with Love" on bombs getting ready to be dropped on Germany.


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