Friday, May 28, 2010

A funny thing happened on the way to the forum...

...namely, it's getting closed!

My main 40K forum hangout, The Eternity Gate, is going to be shutting down soon.  I've been posting there since 2003, and have made what I consider some true friendships there over the years with some gamers around the world.  It was never as big as places like Warseer or the Bolter & Chainsword, but I always considered that a plus, as I felt there was a higher signal to noise ratio than you get on a lot of the bigger forums.  But there is a certain critical mass to keep things going, and the Eternity Gate has fallen below that over a long slow decline.

It wasn't the first 40K site I frequented - old sites like and The Maelstrom hold the distinction for helping to pull me back into 40K.  But as those have passed into the night, now it's the Gate's turn.  I'll miss her, but hope to stay in touch with the folks from there, and as they set up blogs of their own you'll likely see them pimped here.

I'm also looking at what to do with some of the older stuff that I had on there, so in the coming days I'll probably be posting some things here in order to save them. 

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