Monday, May 10, 2010

Astrakenor the Accursed, finishing up IG

I hope to have the Merkan infantry done this week, but here's where they stand at the moment.

I also got an idea for how I wanted to make the Straken counts-as for my Traitors, so threw him together the other night.  Trying to find an EC lord backpack to finish him off.  But here he is in his partial state - Astrakenor the Accursed, Prophet of the Dark Gods!


  1. wow. Is that over 100 IG painted and ready to go? that's amazing. just amazing.

    I like the colors you've got going. They work really well together. The green in particular has a nice "real world" fatigues look to it. Nice one.

    Finally, that's a simple but very cool conversion.

  2. That is a whole lot of Imperial Guardsmen. Add a few Commissars to those mobs and you could field some extremely annoying blobs.

    Would really like to see the entire army in all of its glory.

  3. Looking good. The Steel Legion guardsman are beautiful and in a good scale as well.

    Liking the Straken. Giving him a marine statline really made it possible for some cool things!


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