Monday, May 31, 2010

New Kids on the Blog

A plug for the new blogs set up by the folks displaced by the upcoming closing of the Eternity Gate.  Hopefully I'll get to plug a few more in the days or weeks to come, but for now:

Ethereal's Projects - Eldar, Imperial Guard, artwork, Necrons, Space Marines, Vampires, Lizardmen and who knows what else.  This Australian bloke is "the cute one."

Icehornet's 40K projects - Currently working on Space Wolves, he also has incomplete Dark Angels, Imperial Fists, Ultramarines and god knows what else.  Another Australian, he's the "bad boy."

The Fighting 54th - Commanded by the venerable fighting spaniel, who's currently building this Guard unit but also has other forces lurking about and some nifty terrain too.  This Kiwi is "the funny one."

Big G - Another Kiwi and deadly opponent of the spaniel, he's "the hunky one."  He's packing Black Templars, Ultramarines and Daemon Hunters for 40K and High Elves, Goblins, Warriors of Chaos and Daemons for Fantasy.

Tordeck's Projects - While he has Marines and other things, I believe his soul belongs to Chaos.  Also has an interest in BFG.  He's "the moody one."

They've just started up, so there's not a lot of content for some yet, but once they start loading up more of their older work as well as new projects and rants I expect that you'll agree that they have "The Right Stuff."  Let's welcome them to the blogosphere!

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