Friday, May 28, 2010

Old Batreps with new home

FYI, I had old links up for these, but with the upcoming closure of the Eternity Gate, I've moved them to a local site.

If you're interested, they can be found at gameongw.  Mostly in the 40K section, but there is one old WHFB tourney report as well.  Mix of armies and opponents over the last few years, so be aware that editions/rules may have changed since then! 

(11/18/2010) Unfortunately, the gameongw forum may be closing down due to lack of local interest (they prefer the Yahoo group?  Really?) so I've migrated the reports over to the blog, under the header of "Bash from the Past".  Apologies for other places I may have links that are now broken - if you happen upon any please let me know and I'll see about fixing them.  Thanks!

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