Thursday, May 27, 2010

Where I do my thing

Some pics of where I paint/model and of my upstairs game-cave in the bonus room above our garage.

General shot from the far side of my official modeling/painting space.

View from where I'd normally be.  Paint carousel (rather disorganized atm) and brush caddy on the left.  Table is wrapped in tablecloth that's further wrapped in a plastic sheet to make spill cleanup simple.  Under the red cup is a little paint palette and under that is an old cutting board I use as...well, a cutting board so I don't chop up the plastic sheet.

Close up of the paint carousel and brush caddy.

Tub for tools.  Green stuff, hobby knives, files, drills and whatnot.  I use a lot of plastic tubs, as you will see.

My soaking tub-within-a-tub, Simple Green bath.  Keeping the container within another avoids the smell permeating the area.  Currently some Chaos Bikers are getting the spa treatment.

More paints and inks under the table.

Square/rectangular bases, round bases, and box of transfers.

In the shelves behind me, more paints, basing stuff, chemicals, and other tools like hot glue gun and hot wire cutter.

Partial bits organization.

Kitchen table, where a lot of stuff actually gets done.  When the rest of the family is in the kitchen/living room I'd rather be in the mix with them, and even when alone I sometimes want to watch something which is easier in here.

Let's head upstairs.

We've mostly gotten used to the low ceilings and especially the corners leading into the alcove on the right, and hardly ever bang our heads anymore.  The table used to be facing the other way, and turning it seems to have made some difference there.  While never super-clean, it's a lot more cluttered lately as we cleared out what was originally our storage room to make another guest room and all the stuff ended up in here.  As did stuff from my wife's parents' house, stuff from friends, stuff my mom brings over...etc.  Hopefully some point soon I'll get around to seriously attacking the clutter in here.

We use the table for my group's irregular RPG sessions, with whiteboard and markers to map things out as needed.  Also usually used for visiting 40K players, unless we need to be downstairs for some reason.

Shelves with a bunch of junk, as well as some terrain and minis we use for RPG sessions.

A bunch of fantasy minis (Reaper, Ral Partha, etc.) awaiting brush attention.

Bunch of Bretonnians and some other WHFB stuff that's been sitting around for years.

Vehicle sprues and kits, as well as tons of Marine and Chaos Marine figs/kits.

Part of my city board being stored atop rows of comic boxes.

Junk, old IG stuff that didn't carry over to the new army, and Ork bits&kits in the plastic tubs.


Incipient Chaos Guard.

Tubs of RPG stuff not currently in use.  Books, old characters, old campaign info.

Tubs of Heroclix figs and boxes of Cardboard Heroes, both of which we use for our supers RPGs.

Boxes and boxes of stuff my friend Joel brought over.  He doesn't play 40K anymore, so brought all his stuff over here, I think to make room for more DVDs at his house.  I tried to get him to let me sell it for him, but he didn't want to do that.  So at the moment I've got huge Blood Angels and Tau armies, some GK and other stuff taking up more space.

So, that's my hobby/gaming spaces, my attempts at organization and masses of clutter.  Hope you enjoyed the tour!


  1. yeah I'm jealous. I get to use the coffee table in the living room, or the kitchen table. Plus I have to pack everything up and put it away when I'm done, or the two and a half year old will try to play with daddies dollies in her room, or give them to the 14mo. old to play with.

  2. Like Farmpunk, I am currently using the kitchen table to paint and assemble miniatures. With four children 9 and younger anything else could lead to disaster.

  3. The kids know better than to mess with my little dudes. The kitten is a different story... I'd love to have an actual room, with a door.

    Nice set up.

  4. Ha! I love this post - I've done it a few times and get good hits... I think people like to peek into your stuff.

    I know I do.


    PS - I wish I had as much room as you do...

  5. Wow. Like Farmpunk and Mags, the dining table is where it happens for me as well.

  6. "the spa treatment."
    love it.

  7. Despite having a dedicated area, most of the work still gets done at the kitchen table.

    With a 3-yr old of my own, I can definitely relate to the concerns there. The hobby room is behind a closed door, and the craft table is in a gated off area, and stuff doesn't stay out on the kitchen table lest disaster befall it. Though I must admit that so far I've caused a lot more hobby messes with spilled paint pots and the like than he has!

    As he gets older he'll be able to get to stuff more easily, but hopefully will also be more responsible so won't have to worry as much about it, mainly concentrating on keeping knives/chemicals out of reach.

  8. I am organizing a raid of Jim's house. Please email me for details. If we organize the clutter we should get away with it.


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