Friday, May 7, 2010

Word Bearer Attack!

 The tournament I was planning on going to Saturday ended up getting canceled, but it's not a complete loss.  I decided to use one of my city terrain sections as a display/transport board and took a few pics.

Dreadie Mercury


  1. That's a great looking army.
    I'm curious, where Dreadie Mercury's (nice touch by the way) left arm comes from? Is that a forgeworld kit?

  2. Yeah, he's all FW.

    I don't really call him that (though I might start). Someone should name an EC dread that though!

  3. Yea, I agree - that looks fantastic! Good job, man.


  4. Is that an 1850 point force or just your army on parade?

  5. Thanks for the comments.

    @ColKillgore - it's 1850, the same list you fought last year:

    Full list posted earlier here:

  6. I know all about cancelled tournaments. However, I really am glad that you used the opportunity to post a picture or 8 of your army.
    Fantastic Work.

  7. And Lo, a sun shall rise over the cities, blood red and filled with malevolence. Its light shall shine down on the People with distaste, and its Word shall purge them with steel and fire.

  8. Top notch work! I really enjoy the detailing on the rhinos. Question about your display base. Is that made out of foam core? If so how did you stop it from warping on you when you applied any sort of liquid to it?

  9. Thanks again folks!

    @Ghengis Vaughn: No, it's a plywood square. Three years on, it has started some warping. I made it as part of a city terrain table, just dragooned it into service as a temporary display board.

    My project log from when I made the table can be found here:

    In the "Scriptorium" section of those forums you can also find my battle reports; a number of them are played on that terrain.


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