Thursday, January 8, 2015

Wild Bunch part 2

Group shot of the mixed bag of renegades for the Endless Ones.  Assembled in March last year, got around to painting recently. 

Rather than agonize about color schemes, I settled on a simple plan.  I picked out twenty paints I thought were cool and set them in a line.  I put the figures in a bucket.  I set a paint aside, pulled out a figure, and put it next to the paint.  Repeat.  That would be their primary color.  

Still need basing and sealing, but they should be ready the next time I break out the Endless Ones.


  1. I like the concept behind this group. That also must of added a lot of variety and kept it interesting while you were painting!

  2. Totally love it.o The remnants of many shattered bands join together.

  3. Thanks guys. Yeah, we always see legion groups, or whole chapters that fall, when I'm sure a lot of the time it's a squad or a few survivors of something who get isolated/go renegade. And once you go renegade, it's not an easy life, so easy to see attrition trim renegade groups down.


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