Tuesday, January 20, 2015


As they periodically do with site redesigns, the Bell of Lost Souls blog lists have been destroyed and they're looking for blogs to add.  Go HERE for the announcement and link to requirements if you have a blog you'd like for them to add.  I get a good many hits from them and have found a number of good blogs through their rolls in the past, so if you're looking for a little more visibility it's a great list to get on.

See you on the lists!


  1. When I made the move from Blogger to WordPress myself, asking them to update the link was like talking to a brick wall. That bugged me enough that it's not worth it.

    1. Sorry to hear that. It's always been pretty easy for me, but aside from the first time it's always been during their "open re-enrollment" times. I imagine they pay a lot less attention to it in between.

  2. Thanks a ton for the heads up. I just noticed their blog roll being rather empty today, and this was the reason!

  3. Yeah I reapplied for that yesterday. That said though, I was rather pleased to find that my Monday morning post's page hit numbers weren't too far off from when my blog was on their blogroll previously.


  4. Man, they sure are taking their sweet time getting me listed again. I wish I didn't depend on BoLS for traffic but the fact is that I do.



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