Friday, January 2, 2015

Triad Cluster Campaign: Wolftime!

Our Space Wolf player has been busy.  Aside from his Thunderwolves he's got a fancy new entombed hero ready... well as a Sicaran battle tank (JEALOUS) ready to enter the Holy Foam of Transportation.

But will this painting mojo carry over to the battles?  Well, we have our first battle in, with the Space Wolves vs. one of my fellow orks:

Tyr slammed the control panel and the ramp on the thunderhawk rose. Release hell was the only command he gave. The thunderhawk drifted up and forward out of the bowels of the Asgard before turning planet side and descending thru the cloud cover. There was very little resistance to their arrival since they had jumped in close and not given the enemy time to prepare. The ship jostled and banked against the changes in atmosphere and was inbound at maximum speed. Within a matter of minutes the pilot was calling back, “initial readings show advanced party of orks, 5 klicks and closing. “ This would be the forward party of the orks. They had not managed to spread to far or too heavy yet. Now was the time to engage. Tyr barked back “engage, pattern Epsilon 16” The thunderhawk banked to one side and the main doors slid open and the war began….

Tyr and Fangs of Fenris were the first ones down the ramp. They had been together since becoming blood claws. Hardened and seasoned warriors that just the mere sight of seeing them charging would be enough for some enemy to break and run. The fangs were small in number now. Only five with Tyr making the sixth and the old Iron Priest Jaler rounding out the unit. They were to be the hammer. Hitting hard, fast and leaving nothing in their wake. The anvil rolled out next. The hunters they were called. Three razorbacks, equipped to take down big targets, hive tyrants, carnifex, vehicles. Their passengers armed to sweep away anything else that remained. The last of the unit rolled forth. A relic secaran. A piece of the past. Able to lay down a torrent of fire against all who opposed it. Its tracking system beyond anything the adepts could create now.

They were headed straight into orks. No maneuver, no finesse. They would meet them head on and decide this battle. Tyr took his men straight into the enemy. Wanting to come to grips and make the greenskins pay for sitting foot on the planet. The whirl and roar of the sicaran could be heard from behind them as its autocannons opened up. The unit of orc bikers cut off to one side, not wanting to face anymore of its fire or the wraith of thunderwolves. The orks were not sitting idly by. Tyr also heard the loota’s open up. Their rounds going over their head and sudden explosion of one of the razorbacks. The grey hunters quickly bailed from the vehicle and ran for the cover of a nearby building but not before more rounds found their way home cutting the squad in half. The initial reports broke thru the comm channel just as the fangs reached their target, diving into the unit of boyz. Tyr instantly seeking out the leader, wanting to cut the head off the snake. Time almost seemed to stop as the center of the field was blurred with red mist. The orks held their ground despite taking heavy losses. Suddenly the sky was lit up as stormboyz slammed into the side of the thunderwolves. The orks numbers were starting to wear them down. They had to end this quick. Another explosion and another razorback was smoking. Tyr called for his men to push on. Calling out for anyone to dare challenge him. The sound of the sicaran emptying its ammunition stores, cutting into the bikers, making them pay for every inch they covered. Its barrels running white hot almost transparent. Tyr’s monitors showed two of his men down plus Jaler. With a broad sweep of his axe he cut down the last of the orcs. All about him was a pile of green and rivers of red.

The ork bikers had made it down the back side of the street using the buildings as cover. They sprang at last going for one of the hunters packs. At first it looked like they were going to be beaten back but due to ork medical treatment they survived long enough to wipe out the unit taking the second iron priest with them. The first squad of hunters opened fire on the remaining two bikers before cutting them down securing the area. The third group of hunters closed in on a unit of gretchin. Flamers and bolters doing their job sending the smaller ork cousins running. Tyr, after being raked by loota fire and cutting down some brave kommandoes that had entered from a flank charged into a unit of gretchin, him and the still remaining thunderwolf butchering them. The lootas seeing too much for today decided that tomorrow would be a better day to fight. The Space Wolves held the field. The landing zone was secured.

More throw-downs Sunday!

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