Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Triad Cluster Campaign: Orks vs. Space Wolves - Comm Center Chaos!

Setting up terrain I found this wonderful old but new to the store terrain piece in the back and resolved that it had to be used, so into the center of the board it went.  At first our benefactor was a mystery, but we later found out it had been left there by Colkillgore via Chuckaroobob, both of My Little World of Dementia.  Thanks fellas!

Scott's Space Wolves and I squared off with the complex in between and prepared to bring the pain!

Scott's Sicaran tank, good bit of dakka there!  Would make a fine battlewagon!

The Legendary Fangs of Fenris, T6 doggies with attached lord and Iron Priest.

 Sicaran, dogstar and three squads of Grey Hunters in Las-plas razorbacks.   Just kill off the thunderwolves, then mop up the rest.  Piece of squig-cake.

I have megaboss and meganobs in one wagon, the Legendary Steel Leejun (20 ardboys, now with cybork enhancements giving them 5+ invulnerable saves), another 12 ardboys in trukk, lobbas, ten boys as bullet shields for shokk attack gun mek.  Oh, and 30 shoota boys I forgot to put on the table.  1500pts, Crusade, three objectives, Hammer&Anvil.

Wolves trot around the corner, wagons move up confident in AV14.  Skokk attack fires at the dogs, and rolls a 12, spawning a vortex!  Unfortunately it scatters off into the nearby ruins.  In the vortex excitement, I forgot I had ammo runts and could have rerolled the scatter.  Oh well.

But as fate would have it, at the start of the Space Wolf turn it wanders back over to its original target.  Guess it was a curve ball.  Thanks to storm shields, the only casualty is an ablative non-thunder wolf.  

Silly dogs, what are you going to do if you catch the car?

My original thought was that he would assault and wreck the wagon with the Steel Leejun, then megawagon and trukk would move up, dismount, and all three units would combo-charge and tear them down in flurry of klaws and choppas.  Sicaran's rending autocannons managed to wreck the megawagon, but plan should basically be the same, will just need better move/charge rolls from the megas.

Unless he gets the distance to charge the megas too.  Which he does, and aside from wrecking the Leejun's ride wipes out the meganobs, losing one rider in return.  Ouch.  Tooled up wolf lords are no joke.


Well, the plan would have worked better with an extra twenty power klaw attacks, but ere we go!

Dude, where's my boyz?

No, seriously dude - where's my boyz?

Maybe firepower is the answer.  Shokk attack fails to take them down, and shootas prepare to lay down the dakka.  While the wolves were in combat, the shokk attack did manage to wreck the Sicaran.  I held back, so wolves would need a ten inch charge to make it.  He tries, and I pump a lot of overwatch hits on him but he shrugs them off.

Eleven you say?


It's all over at that point.  I try to take out the last wolf so he won't get a stack of Glory Points, but fail, and am shortly wiped out.  Victory Space Wolves (well, victory Thunderwolves with a little help).

Orks vs. Sisters of Battle next!

And Scott's writeup of the battle:

Capt Milian’s voice came across the the intercom. My Lord we are detecting a transmitting signal due east of you. Origin located, six kilometers from your present location. Its in a code we have not seen before and it’s a broad spread transmission. No particular destination. “ The Orks?” Tyr asked. It does not appear so sir. Origin shows its coming from an abandoned comm.station. It does appear however it has attracted the attention of the enemy as well. A heavy recon force of orks has been detected heading for it. “Very well, our resupply and replacements have arrived. We will see what this is about”. Tyr clicked of the comm unit and turned “ We Ride!!”

They could hear the ork vehicles. Clanking and banging, rolling over everything in their path. They had entered from the exact opposite side and now were in visual. Not one but two battlewagons and what appeared to be an old looted rhino. With all the changes the orks had made it was unclear which chapter it had originally belonged to. Gretchin rolled or were kicked off of one of the wagons as some boys were spotted running up one of the buildings to the higher ground. So much for surprise. “Attack priority A1C. The sudden roar of autocannon fire and snap crack of lascannons signaled the start of the fight. Tyr led the Fangs down one of the streets of the compound. Readouts were showing the comm. station was still transmitting.

There was a bright purplish black flash and the sound of one hundred thunderclaps next to them. A wall, a blob of chaotic energy suddenly appeared next to them. A vortex had appeared as if from no where. Violent and angry destroying everything it touched. Those boys in the building must have been hiding what they called a shok attack gun. An unpredictable weapon but this one appeared to have been well made. He thought about changing target priority but those wagons had to be destroyed. A second blast of lascannon fire and he saw black hvy smoke roll from the one on the far side of the hill. One down, that left the second one to the fangs.

They charged up the hill, Tyr and Grek peeling to one side to take on the meganobz from the other wagon. Tyr saw Grek pulled from the saddle as he started cutting and slashing into the greenskins. The Fangs ripped into side of the second wagon. The claws and hammers peeling back the makeshift panels and pouring its contents on the ground. An explosion behind him and his sensors blinked. The sicaran fell silent. That shok attack gun was doing its best to chew thru his guys. The truk hiding behind the wagons disgorged its cargo and a green tide was upon them. As quickly as it had begun it was over. The hill laid strewn with greenskin and blood, some of it Fangs. Down the hill they strode into the rear guard of the orks in an attempt to get to the mek but they were too entrenched in the building. The razorbacks engines could be heard at full speed, moving up to secure forward positions. The comm station had been secured, now to find out what was going on.

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