Monday, January 5, 2015

Triad Cluster Campaign: Initial Clashes

Sons of Anorky ride!

And from the other other Ork player:

Prologue: Ork Justice
Uno walked down the long corridor of the Ork space rock dubbed “ Morg’s foot”, the space rock seemed to be aimlessly floating through the depths of space but Uno knew better, the meks at the bridge were the smart ones they often said a lot of things Uno didn’t quite understand thus they were smarter than he. The Meks knew where they were going or so da boss said. Uno lowered his head as he entered a new area of the ship, several gretchin scampered about beneath him two of them busy chattering at one another in a low guttural growls as they both bumped into him “Arrrrgh!” Uno roared stomping a foot both Gretchin giving yelps as they scurried off one turning running into the wall before scrambling past the Ork Nob. Uno often found them amusing, useless gits though they were.
The Morg’s foot lighting flickered as the space rock seemed to make a grinding noise the entire platform seemingly coming to a halt. Uno raised his left hand powerklaw lightly rasping on the door three times as the doors grinded open two Ork boyz parting the doors to Da Boss bridge, power had to be saved the Meks said for da gunz of the Foot and engines and such. Uno turned to the two Ork boyz noting they were of Nobbie’s mob giving a low growl both Ork Boyz staring him down briefly as if thinking of challenging him. Uno stood upright his bosspole touching the ceiling of the room, the human heads decorating it.. And its new addition an Ork head, blood still running down the pole as both Orks cowered back meekly as Uno gave a snort moving past. He would stomp both of their heads in later.
Uno halted at the base of the bridge platform single eye narrowing at Nobbie, the Ork Nob turning glaring at him as both Nobs jerked upright turning back to a staggering figure clutching his chest, the Big Mek Sparkplug gasping as Da Boss William Waaghius roared hitting him again. “Ya! Useless Git!!!!!!! AAAAaaaaaaa!” He brought the butt of his gun down again on Sparkplug the Mek stumbling back once more turning to go as two Nobs gripped his arms one giving it a twist with a horrid crack. “Pp-leasee! Wa-rboss! Waaaghius!!-Agghh!” The big mek’s appearance was in bad shape, his garments torn and stained with blood and his bag of bolts and “gadgets” strewn about the entire floor of the bridge. Uno would almost feel sorry for Sparkplug, out of all the Big Meks he liked him most.. he often did amusing things, but Da boss Is Da boss he had his reasons.
William Waaaghius looked up giving a grin spotting Uno. “Uno!!! Come here and break da leg of this oily squig!” Uno gave a grin at da boss moving towards Sparkplug baring his teeth as he brought down his klaw it encasing the left leg the klaw shaking as it clicked on. “Wa-it! Wait!!.. I can fix dis Boss Waaghius!!- William leaned down peering into Sparkplug’s eyes, William Waaaghius had to be leaning down, the warboss was one of da biggest Orks.. hence why he was Da boss. William Waaaghius kunning too or at least Uno thought so. William Waaaghius gave an amused smiled large hand patting the side of Sparkplug’s face. “Break da leg.” He stood up as Sparkplug screamed Uno’s klaw coming down a bit too much severing the leg blood gushing out in squirts all over the bridge the Nobs laughing as Sparkplug moaned gasping clawing at the metallic panels on the ground. “What did he do?” Uno asked giving his klaw a shake. William Waaaghius turned to him giving out a bellow for all to hear “He failed me! Dat’s what!!!! He let a bunch of humaies!!!!!!!!” he stomped on the deck shaking with rage “let the humaies!!! Get the best of him, and he left a lot of good loot down on the surface, didn’t you!?!” He moved picking up Sparkplug by the throat the Mek giving a vigorous nod. “Worthless git Boss Waaaghius, should mount him on the outside.” Uno turned regarding Nobbie, he always tried to rile William Waaaghius up, Uno half expected he would move against Da boss soon.. Uno would be ready if he did. William Waaaghius smiled listening to Nobbie speak, almost considering the Nob’s advice.
Uno approached patting William Waaaghius’s shoulder Uno being 1st mate was supposed to speak up if Da boss needed council, or so Da boss told him… one time he did he lost his eye for it, but the Da boss forgot most likely hopefully he remembered this time. “I think it be a waste…” He turned back to Nobbie grinning at him, pleased to find any excuse to disagree with da pile of puss. William Waaaghius turned back to Uno then jerked his attention back to Sparkplug his grip tightens around the throat of the Mek. “Why isst that Uno?” Da boss asked. Uno grinned “He still has his hands, he can build things.” William Waaaghius blinked as if realizing grinning “By Gork’s toes.. he can still build things! “He dropped Sparkplug the Mek gasping and letting out a low guttural groan as William Waaaghius turned pointing to the Painboy “Fix da maggot up! He can still be useful!” Uno turned giving a triumphant grin to Nobbie the Nob spat on the deck glowering at Uno.
William Waaaghius turned walking towards da glassy screen. “Uno da be da fight I told ya bout!” William Waaaghius and his Nobs turned eyeing the screen many of them nodding getting closer to the screen, da Nob twins elbowed each other to get a closer look one giving Uno a grin as he returned it, turning back to da boss.William Waaaghius roared turning to them “Da fight! Of a life time!” The nobs roared many brandishing choppas and sluggas Uno standing silently peering at the world. William Waaaghius stomped the room shaking “Da Humaies!! Da Sneaky ones! Da Chaos gitzs!!! Da Tauuz!, Da metal boyz!, Even some of the warp vermin mays be here!!” The Nobs gave a stomp softly chanting “Waaghius… Waaaghius..” Da boss getting more riled up grinning as he shouted “We got da trukks! Da armor, da Dakka!!! And Da boyz!! For da fight!” Nobbie raised his Klaw shouting “And da boss!” Nobs bellowed the cry Uno taking it up now.
William Waaaghius grinned raising up his klaw. “Get da rocks ready! We got some stomping to do!!!” The nobs cheered turning running out with William Waaaghius many of the Orks on the bridge moving to go with him including the Mek pilots flying Morg’s foot. Sparkplug shouted back staggering along with the painboy about someone… needed to fly da ship? Uno glanced back as he ran with William Waaaghius pondering only briefly shouting back at Sparkplug “If it crashes think of da heads that it will stomp! And ya can repair it ya git!” Sparkplug shook his head aiming to protest more as Uno cackled moving off into the flickering lights of Morg’s feet the sounds of slugga and shootas already going off in the loading deck ushering in the upcoming fight…

Our first clash was between Space Wolves and Orks, with the Wolves emerging triumphant.  Sunday we had five more games - SW vs. Orks, Necrons vs. Orks, Sisters vs. Orks, Orks vs. Tau and Blood Angels vs. Sons of Horus.  Here's some shots of others' armies and battles I wasn't part of:

Waaaghus' boyz fight Necrons.
Despite a fun story, Waaghus' crew didn't fare well against the tinheads.  The Legendary lootas (who got tank hunter/monster hunter) got blown up when their wagon exploded and fled the field.  

The Necrons (with their odd choice of a Legendary 5-man warrior squad which got T5) prevailed 10-9.

Here's some more of James' old-school Orks.  Aside from his Legendary boar boyz/bikers above (who have 3+ save and now +1 Toughness) he has some suitable old looted wagons.

More looted wagons, lootas and bikers.

And various old metal warbuggies and skorchas.

Blood Angels with Bram Stoker's Chaplain and Legendary Death Company with 4+ Feel no Pain.

Sons of Horus, with Legendary +1 HP Contemptor dreadnought.

Tau, including the Outcast of Vior'la, Legendary Riptide that can reroll snap shots.  

Necrons won over Orks, BA over SoH, Orks over Tau.

My own games later -


  1. Looks like everybody having fun. I need to get in gear and make it to the next league day.

    1. Look forward to seeing you come out. The Imperials are cleaning house - get your licks in before it's all over.

  2. great photos, what a variety of armies! Fantastic!


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