Sunday, January 25, 2015

Triad Cluster Campaign update

Our campaign has been rolling along, as have the Imperial victories.  With very few bumps in their progress, they threaten to win the campaign outright before long.  Even Commander FarOut (pictured above) could not thwart their designs.  

Tau zip into firing positions and light up the Thunderwolves.

Pods slam down amid Interceptor fire.
Green Tide!

Surprisingly, I heard it was actually the Wraithknight that was more of a problem.

Nids and Tau get it on in a hotly contested Kill Point slugfest.

OK, my game - played my Orks against Patrick's Necrons with Grey Knight allies.  We had deployment in quarters (old "Spearhead"), with objectives in each quarter and a secondary mission based on old per-unit cost victory points.

Deployment.  Ready to roll out!

Shokk Attack gun mek flings himself across the field into an annihilation barge. 

Who needs Immortals?  20 T6 warriors courtesy of campaign upgrade and fancy Necron lord ability.

Reserves arrive turn two - dakkajet zips on and guns down five-man warrior squad, koptas and warbuggy outflank.  Ork vehicles had been shot up, but each only a bit.  The dakkajet soon gets taken down by a barge.

Dreadknight arrvies, trukks get taken out.  Ardboys swarm together towards the Necron blob while meganobs move in on rotten dreadknight.
The T6 Necrons prove a tough nut to crack and trade blows for a few rounds, but the crons break and flee off the table.  

Orks spread out to find new targets.

The orks take a few more lumps, but they dish out some more krumpin' and the day is theirs.  Ork victory!

And another part of the Space Wolf saga:

The Emperors forces deployed in the Triad cluster have reported heavy losses across all fronts but have successfully managed to stem the enemies spearhead in this area. Initial reports show all landing zones and preliminary objectives secured.

Primary objective A1A, alien known as Eldrad was located and supposedly eliminated. A unit of blood claws under the command of Lord Tyr Trueblood of the Space Wolves engaged and managed to eliminate target. However after the battle subjects body could not be found. Whether this was a eldar trap or some form of sorcery remains to be seen.
Primary objective B1B, ork warlord known as Whaagus. Subject was located attacking forward base of the Lord Tyr’s forces. Reinforcements were able to repel the attack but subject escaped. Tracking devices managed to locate him where a combined effort of the Holy Order and the Officio Assassinorum managed to execute target according to initial reports. While in route back to headquarters they were ambushed by a force of Tau operating in the area and have not been heard from since. Reports are currently unconfirmed.
Blood Angel forces operating in the area continue to remain separate from main body. All of their targets have been secured and forward operations are proceeding as planned.


  1. Commander FarOut - That's hilarious!

    1. I don't believe it's his real name, but it should be.


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