Monday, February 2, 2015

Triad Cluster Campaign report: Orks vs. Sisters

Before the minor sports kerfuffle that evening, Doug and I got a more important game in, a 40K match for our Triad Cluster campaign.  We went up to 1750pts so a few more things made appearances.

We had six evenly spaced objectives across the board, plus the relic in the middle and normal first blood, etc.  "Recon" deployment - 18" in but have to be over 24" from the enemy.

I deployed first, and had a few units up front to push the Sisters' deployment back.  

Sororitas parking lot, with some scouting immolators.

Battlewagon prepares to roll through some ruins and flank the enemy.  One.  No problem, I have a ram.  One.  Well, darn.  The model itself has a track that won't stay on, I guess that was foreshadowing.  Maybe if I fix that it will roll better.  At this time, I elect to leave the unit (Da Steel Leejun) inside and await developments as they're still close to a couple of objectives, but looking back this was probably my first mistake.  An extra turn of moving up on the Sisters' mass could have helped.

Bikers head around the corner towards immolators, trukks move in on the middle.

I double charge the immolators, which is another mistake.  For some reason I forgot you lose Furious Charge too when you do a disorderd charge, so the regular bikers bounce off.  Power klaw does damage but not enough to wreck anything.

Bikers take a ton of fire in return, but bad dice on Doug's part help them weather the storm.  Ten melta shots, half of which ignore cover, two multimeltas and some exorcist shots kill a couple of bikers.  A couple of bikers.

On this side, land raider destroys the meganobs' trukk for first blood.

The Squig-15arrives, and shoots a sister.  Bikers take out one dominion squad.

Tinboy trukk had moved into blocking position in front of the meganobs.  Trukk gets trashed along with three tinboys.  

Ere we go!  Rhino wrecked, sister squad has to disembark.  Koptas and meganobs charge in, while Steel Leejun fails charge.  Remember that extra turn of movement I didn't take with them?  Tinboys spread out to protect megas, but when Steel Leejun failed charge diverted the megas.  Another mistake, at this point I should have charged the Tinboys into the (immobilized) land raider to cover the doors and force him to get out on the other side.  

Sisters loose the assault, but this is Doug's legendary unit, and one of the upgrades they have is Fearless, so they stick around.  Now I'm looking at the nice corridor from the land raider to the meganobs and realize I could soon have a bunch of death cult assassins beating on them.

Interlude: other orks vs. Tau!

Henchmen pile out, and land raider with exorcists wipe out the tinboys.  Machine spirit-fired multimelta from raider also explodes the deff dread, which had been one of my hopes to tie up the henchmen.  Meganobs start to get worried.

But a three doesn't make the charge!  Celestine also arrives and flames some Steel Leejun.  Megas finish off sisters and move towards henchmen.

Kommandos arrive and just move to secure objective further back.

Kombi-skorchas and shootas thin out the henchmen.  I had hoped to kill a few more with the twenty-six wounds generated but some Crusaders tanked off a ton of wounds before going down.  Still, I feel a lot better facing only two death cult, two crusaders and two priests.  Foolish me.

Celestine had been mobbed and killed by the Steel Leejun, but she got better and moved over to the Relic.  Kommandos secure objective in back.  Up top megas charge into henchmen.

My little firebase had been doing OK.  The shokk attack gun was less than stellar, but the kannons were plinking off hull points, and over time killed an immolator and the exorcist in this pic that was on an objective.

Near end game.  Note lack of meganobs.  I thought that 17 powerklaw attacks could take out a few T3 gits, but apparently not.  Especially with the priests' rerolls, the henchmen avoided most of the damage I kicked out and plinked away.  Eventually we had a round where I lost by one, failed morale and mob rule with reroll didn't help, run down.  Kill a unit of meganobs and warboss for loss of two guys.  

So in the end the Sisters won, with a few objectives, relic, first blood and warlord vs. my couple of objectives and linebreaker.  

Next weekend we set up a special game with 3500pts of Space Wolves against a temporary Ork-Tau alliance in a custom scenario.  Stay tuned for more on that and the batrep next week!


  1. You always know what you should have done, better luck next time.

    1. Of course, the first mistake was picking Orks. ;-)

  2. Dude! Is that Battlewagon a goddamned Death Toaster? I love it! LOL! Thanks for the batrep. I also love seeing a big, bad Land Raider in Sisters lists these days. Huzzah allies!

    1. Death Toaster! It's a looted USMC LVTP7A1 amphibious transport.

  3. I love mega nobz...can't believe they didn't bowl over that unit. Maybe throw a warboss with lucky stix with them next time so they're WS 5?

    1. That was with the stikk boss. Rerollable 3++ invulns shrug off klaws.


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