Wednesday, June 5, 2013


The recent Robotech Kickstarter helped get my Battletech fires burning again, so I dug out some 'mech figures and gave them a quick makeover.  Up first is a Fire Lance, designed to pound the enemy at range, with two Archers, an orange Crusader variant and a Rifleman.

Next a lance to close in and finish the job - two Battlemasters, a Hunchback and a Phoenix Hawk, done up as the Steel Tiger, the 'mech of my character in our last Mechwarrior campaign.

Aside from the Kickstarter figs which will arrive sometime next year I have a set of the original unseen figures coming, so more pics are likely forthcoming in the next few weeks.  Hopefully at some point we'll get some more Battletech/Mechwarrior going on.

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