Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Corsairs inbound! Void Phantoms test model

Test model for my Eldar Corsairs (using new Eldar codex and Dark Eldar allies), the fearsome Void Phantoms.  

I should really probably start with some actual Eldar units, but I had some of these old 3rd ed plastic DE warriors already assembled so thought I'd try things out with them first.

Planning on a mostly Guardian/Warrior type force, with infantry, warwalkers, bikes, rangers, flyers, support weapons and some small aspect warrior squads.  Also have a ton of harlies I'd like to use and may try to fit in to lists from time to time.


  1. Looking good. I have pulled my Eldar out too but I still need to get a look at the new codex to start a list I can paint toward.


  2. I love the idea of Eldar Corsairs and that's the slant I want for my space elves too -- fast and dirty Eldar with DE allies. I think the new codex really lends to that. (Though I'm an Aspect Warrior first and will have to have lots of them too.)

  3. Thanks folks! Debating between Autarch and Farseer.


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