Sunday, June 2, 2013

40K League Game Pics

It's been a while since the games, so I don't really want to do full reports, but will share some pictures.  The Orks lost a lot, partly due to mistakes on my part, partly due to problems dealing with various units.

I did have some fun with the Shokk Attack Gun.  My previous hesitancy to use it mainly revolved around the  Mek's vulnerability, but by sticking him inside a bastion he couldn't be picked out and could fire without much problem.

Not sure at the moment if I'll get into the next league over the summer or not.  Travelling for a few weeks would have me miss a few rounds, and I have kind of a bad taste from 6th ed at the moment anyways.  May spend the league time painting, esp. if the Bones stuff arrives.

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