Monday, June 10, 2013

Shark Attack! Space Sharks vs. Necrons

Still need to paint that second hunter killer missile.

I had some free time this Sunday afternoon and headed down to Gaming Underground, Space Sharks in tow in case someone wanted a game.  As fate would have it, as I turned up Patrick and Landon were finishing a game, and Patrick was up for another.  We left the terrain as it was, he kept his list and I added some Terminators to mine to come to 1850.

We rolled up the Emperor's Will (one objective each) with Hammer and Anvil (short edge) deployment.  I set up first, weighing heavily on the right flank towards his objective, with a combat squad with missile launcher camping on my objective along with the Whirlwind, Ironclad in Drop Pod and Terminators teleporting in.

He took a fairly soft list - big foot mob of warriors with lord on my right, walker thing, two squads of immortals (gauss), one with lord, lyche guard with overlord, scarabs, two warrior squads in ghost arks.  Much easier to handle for the Sharks than a horde of Scythes with Heldrake support.

"The airforce is in the shop men!  Fix phase-bayonets!"

Sharks surge ahead and take a few pot shots, bouncing off of Necron armor/shielding.

Pod slams in behind the arks and disgorges Ironclad dread, which immobilizes ark on the right (more painted one).

Triarch stalker meltas rhino open, killing one marine.  Necrons ready themselves to charge.

Scarabs and walker make the charge, lyche guard fail, allowing the combat to last a while.

Second rhino gets guassed to death.  Squad disembarks and moves over (past bikes) to shoot at ghost ark.  Bikers position to be able to charge but limit overwatch, assault squad moves to assist squad in crater.  Terminators teleport in and mishap, being placed in the far corner and slogging it back across.  They contribute some cyclone missile shots but don't accomplish much.

All the lords have mindshackle scarabs (of course), but I make like 5 of 8 checks over the course of the game, and only end up killing one of my own guys.

Bikers chop through the big squad and move over to take on the immortals on the objective.  Meanwhile Ironclad has been locked in combat with a warrior squad that keeps getting up.

Assault squad falls back from combat and sets up to flame and charge scarabs.  Shooting takes out the walker.  

Here I miss some pictures, but the dread finally takes out the warriors that had locked it all game, bikers run roughshod in the backfield until lyche guard and overlord chop them up.

Near endgame.  Captain backs away behind assault squad to avoid giving up a warlord point, later he turbos  into the backfield to secure Linebreaker.  Overlord tried assaulting around the assault squad to hit the bike captain but couldn't roll the distance needed.  End result Shark victory against the second-string Necrons.  Had the a-team been in play, it likely would have gone quite differently.

Thanks to Patrick for a fun game, and to everyone else for hanging around and chatting!  It was a fun couple of hours.


  1. lol, that's one hellova dead pile of Necrons!

  2. Well done Sons. Good to see the sharks getting some game time in!!

    1. They're fun to break out. I'll still probably run Eldar for this next league, but if painting lags behind will bring the Sharks.


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