Monday, December 3, 2012

Games Day High Point December 15th! Come one come all!

Notice: GameOn GW is holding an event at Gaming Underground on December 15 from 10am - 9pm. This is their 5th annual Games Day! This event is for all Games Workshop games and there will be many tables set up and players to test your skills against! The entry fee is 2 cans of food to be donated to local food banks for the holiday season. Games will include: Warhammer Fantasy and 40k, Aeronaut
ica, Imperialis, Mordheim, Blood Bowl, Apocalypse, Battlefleet Gothic, Lord of the Rings, Space Hulk, and others! A Swap meet will also be encouraged throughout the day so bring your old models that you want to get rid of and look for some buyers or someone willing to trade (no unopened boxes or blisters - models for the swap meet must be open, built, used, out of print, painted, or in similar state). A 16 man 40k carnage event is also planned! Come on out and play! CU@GU!

Gaming Underground can be found HERE 

I always have a good time seeing folks, seeing armies, watching games, playing games and doing some horse trading.  Come on out if you can!  Hope to see you there!

Some shots from past events can be found HERE and HERE


  1. I plan to be there. I am even sorting out some of my duplicate models for the swap meet.


  2. Excellent! I should have a dive into the old mini pool myself and see what I might dredge up. Oh, I still have that Chaos Pred if you're still interested.


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