Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Endless Ones: WIP Supplicants

I managed to get some work in on my Dark Vengeance cultists.  I just built them straightforward; might work with conversions later on with others, but they're decent enough as is for me.

Still need basing and sealing, but otherwise pretty far along.

Some close ups:

The Supplicants are used for extra manpower when better-trained and equipped auxiliaries are not available.  They are made up of those seeking favor for various reasons - fanatics, criminals, or those with serious illnesses that the overlords' medical technology could cure.  

In times when manpower shortages are particularly acute, such diagnoses tend to become much more common.  

Of course, those diagnosed who do not actually suffer the illness are much easier and cheaper to cure, should they survive.  A miracle!

Lots of nice detail and definition on the cultist figures.  All the folds and little tears makes them fun to paint for me.  For lenses, the transparent paints over a shiny base like silver, then covered with a blob of gloss sealer has become my favorite method lately.


  1. Nice variation on the skin tones.

  2. I like the pink tones over the skin color. These are looking great!

  3. They're looking fantastic! I love the varied tones you're using - suitably chaotic. Looking forward to seeing more, keep up the great work!

  4. Thanks folks!

    The skin tones all started with varied base skin tones, then all got a light overbrush with Reaper "Blushing Flesh", basically a peach with a little more orange in it, with a little more emphasis on the scars and face, then a second overbrush of an off-white/cream, again more on the scars/face. The bare-chested guys got a purple wash, the various masked rank and file got red washes, the flamers and champions got Ogryn Flesh wash.

  5. Now they are brilliant, can't wait for crimbo and my DV game arrives from the jolly fat man :)

  6. Thanks gents! Blitz, it is a very nice set; look forward to seeing what you do with it!


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