Sunday, December 16, 2012

Game On Games Day 2012

Game On's 2012 Games Day has come and gone, with well over 100 cans of food collected for charity, a number of games played, multiple stories and items swapped.  A bit smaller turnout than past years likely due to the proximity to holiday commitments, but a good sized crew nonetheless.

More tables in back

Chris from Sippin' on Paint Water brought his recently completed space station battle, with cultists arrayed against a boarding party of space marines.  He ran through it a few times during the day, with different scenarios and modifications.

The marines storm onto the station, taking out the initial defenders easily.

The squad splits up to head for different objectives.  One, to cut off power to the elevators bringing more defenders to the fray, the second to cut off power to the station's defenses, allowing the main assault force to board.
Sons of Medusa get broken up and swarmed by cultists

The first game ended in a draw; not sure how the others turned out.

Ork on Ork battle brewing

One of several fantasy games played, this one vampires vs Dark Elves
Another fantasy game gearing up, this one a 3rd ed Chaos vs. Undead match, circa 1987

Eldar battle their dark kin amid the ruins of an Imperial city

Some wheeling and dealing, but not as extensive as in previous years.  I broke roughly even, with a few trades, a few sales, and a few purchases.  Brought home a metal hellcannon (assembled), some old Judge Dredd figs, two razorbacks, an IOU for a drop pod, a book, some old striking scorpions and a spare Kharn.  I also won the door prize and took home a papercraft Space Wolves Thunderhawk for bringing the most cans in.  Now I have something to bring to those Apoc games I guess, though it will likely see more use in RPG games.  Man, my D&D group is going to hate that thing.  

Just kidding.

Next up, my own battle against Aaron's Pilgrims of Rust IG force using my Orks.


  1. I enjoyed it. Its the first gamesday i've ever been too, so it was really fun getting to see so many armies and well painted minis/terrain in one place

  2. I had a great time but you forgot the most important news of the day Charles Won a game of Fantasy Battle. We still had to use a shop vac to get up all the water he whined and cried, up until he won.


  3. @Impcommander - Glad you liked it! This was a pretty small turnout compared to the past ones too; hopefully next time we'll do even better!

    @ColKillgore - I'm still waiting on independent confirmation on that before I'll believe it.

  4. Aha! I see I'm not the only one to use a WWII Greyhound as a looted wagon...

  5. You just barely edged me out on that papercraft Thunder Hawk. If I had only cheated... I was in charge of the door after all. lol. I think you may be right about the holiday proximity affecting the turn out, but it was still a lot of fun, and good to see everyone in one place. I'm with you on Chuck winning a game, I need conformation from a verified independent source.

  6. Hi Kids, Not sure I won. I think it was more a case of Scott getting tired of treading water as my tears filled up the room. Exhaustion makes folks do funny things.

  7. Looks like a great day, some really nice photos too

  8. @Chuckaroobob - Thanks for clearing that up.

    @Kieran - Thanks. It was fun. Not as impressive as past ones, but it was really nice to see a lot of folks I don't see as often and meet some new ones.


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