Monday, December 24, 2012

WIP Imperial Guard Hydra Flak Tank

With some time on my hands tonight, I was looking at an ebay rescue resprayed/partly falling apart Chimera hull I had and decided to rummage through some bits and put something together with it.  I decided upon a Hydra, though I went with some missile pods instead of autocannons.  Bonus with such conversions is that I can then play around and use it for other things, like another Manticore, or a Devildog (melta missiles!) or what have you.

A bit of bits box diving and fiddling around covered up the various holes, and I like the extra large searchlight in the middle of the pods.  Because everyone knows big searchlights grant skyfire.  When it gets painted it will be part of the Merkan 76th, but I'm not sure when that may be.

Some other WIP things can also be seen in the pics.  Some Merkan autocannon teams up front.  A bunch of old zombies from the Eye of Terror days that I did a very basic drybrush over to add a little more depth and are due for basing to tie them in with my general CSM basing.  They'll have to wait for me to repaint Typhus and some Death Guard, but zombies are good at waiting.  To the right of the zombies is a Mordheim figure that will become a company commander for the Scythiak, so that I don't have to use Astrakenor to get a company command squad.  Next to him, a nicely done Iron Warrior conversion I got second-hand, using the old IW Warsmith figure with a bolt pistol and thunderhammer; will make a good champion when I make an IW squad to go with the Endless Ones.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and all that!


  1. The hydra looks good. I especially like the jack of all trades potential.


  2. Nice! I really like how that looks - I'm a huge fan of multi-use models. Good stuff, looking forward to seeing it painted up!

  3. Really nice ideas on that hydra sir. We need better pics of the other stuff, it sounds really cool!

  4. @Mordian7th - Thanks! If I was smarter and had more patience while building this, I would have magnetized a few pieces and could have even used it as a Chimera. But an extra turret should do that well enough.

    @Dai - Thanks! More pics of the other things are coming once they're further along. Will probably be a while for the IW guy, but I went ahead and primed him while I was doing a batch.


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