Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Making room in the Taurus-cave - stuff for sale!

I've gone through things I don't think I'll ever get to in order to take to our local Games Day this Saturday to sell or trade, but wanted to let my loyal readers have first look and first crack if you so desired!

If interested drop me an email through my profile on the right.  If you're local (Greensboro/Triad area NC) come on out to Games Day on Saturday and we can do the trade there, immediate satisfaction and no shipping.  If you're elsewhere, I can estimate shipping depending on what and how much you get, to the US probably like $3 for a small set of plastic, $5 for more, $10-15 for the army.

All prices USD.

First up, the big item, a decent sized WHFB Bretonnian army.  I like these guys, but will likely never get to using them.  When I do get to building a WHFB army, I have stacks of Warriors of Chaos to attend to.  So off these guys go.

Hear ye, hear ye!
Bretonnian Army for sale forthwith!
Yon force containeth:
v  Two-and-thirty (32) new-style men-at-arms
v  One dozen (12) new-style archers
v  Four-and-twenty (24) older archers
v  Baker’s dozen (13) brave knights and noble steeds
v Selection of bits from older knights to increase personalization
v Bretonnian Army Book
v Red range sticks!
Yours for one Crown of Command (or $150). SOLD!

A number of the sprues have had some pieces taken from them, but you can easily assemble the above figures including command models with bits to spare.  If seriously interested and want more photos I can provide them.

13 Dwarf warriors and bits -- $10 SOLD!

40 High Elves – 20 Spear/20 archers, some bases -- $15 SOLD! To a local HE player!

22 Skink archers  -- $10 SOLD! For Venusian Lizardmen!  Go go 1889!

6 Converted Ogryn -- $20 Sold!

90 Warzone infantry (10/squad) Great Imperial Guard figures -- $5/squad

 Ten guys in a squad, one sgt type, one guy with a rotary cannon that could work as a heavy bolter, autocannon, or if using as cultists, heavy stubber.  Six squads have a guy with converted flamers, one has a converted plasmagun, two squads have no special weapon, just the sgt, cannon guy and riflemen.

Chaos Marine Predator  -- $20  SOLD! To the Knights of Decay!

Metal Eldar Wraithlord -- $10

No shoulder weapon, but if there's one you want that you don't have I'm sure I can turn it up and throw it in.

Plastic Eldar Wraithlord and bits -- $25 SOLD! To the Ed-dar!


2 Rifts Miniatures -- $5

Coalition guys, I think SAMAS suits.  A bit bigger than standard 40K guys.  I'm sure that chuckaroobob has a squad of these that needs filling out.

14 Last Chancers IG figures - $2 each (2 sold)

Leftovers from my acquisitions for the Scythiak.  The guys on the right with the furry hats and demo charges would make for great Vostroyan Marbos IMO.

4 Ogre Leadbelchers  -- $20 Sold!

12 Dark Elf Crossbowmen -- $10

10 Dark Elf Corsairs  -- $10 (2 sets, $10 for 10 figures each) Sorry for horrid glare, two weapons and command, can send clearer pic if seriously interested.

Battle for Armageddon boardgame! Includes White Dwarf update and pieces for the 1st War of Armageddon too (vs. Chaos).  AFAIK Complete -- $60

Box is fairly beat up, but the contents seem in great shape.  I never played it, and I don't think the prior owner did either, just punched and sorted it.  Pieces, book and board look to be in great shape.  Even includes two funky ash-wastey-looking dice.

 So there you have it!  Again, contact me through the profile on the right if you want something.  Anything not arranged for by Saturday will be going to the tables at our local swap meet, then whatever's left to ebay.

Thanks for looking!



  1. I'll take the High elf spear man and Archers off your hands if you want. Would Paypal be except able? If so I'd be happy to do business with you! you can Email me at Josh@icdn.net

  2. The *last* thing I need right now is more minis, but you've got some great buys in here. Good luck to offin' the lot!

  3. @Pangy - Sorry! Those guys are popular! Already snagged by a local. I am indeed very paypal friendly if there's anything else you're interested in.

    @MIK - How about a boardgame then? ;-) Thanks for stopping by and the well wishes!

  4. The Red Range Sticks really make that Bret. Army the deal. I honestly NEED more whippy sticks lol.

    But in all seriousness i've sent you an email with more proper concerns and askings in this, b/c i feel more comfortable about it that way. since im weird.

  5. I hope Necron Bob didn't get those Elves, he already has enough pointy ears!

  6. Hey Sons,

    I will take the skink archers if you still have them. The Venusian lizard-men need more reinforcements.


  7. @IC - reply sent.

    @DMC - Nope, another pointy ear around here.

    @ColK - Sure thing. Do you still want the predator too?

  8. It appears I was a day too late. I would have liked to have had those elves.

  9. Are those Dwarfs still avaliable?

  10. Evan - nope, sorry. They sold but forgot to update them here until now.

    1. alas! how bout the Bretonnians? They still up for grabs?

    2. Yep, as are the Dark Elves if you're interested in Fantasy stuff. I'll email you using the one in your profile.

    3. Right on, I'm definitely interested in the Brets, if not the DElfs


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