Monday, December 31, 2012

Various Things - Red Box Unboxing, Dungeon, League

A hodge-podge post today, to share a few things going on lately.

A while back I pledged to Tre Manor's Red Box Games Kickstarter, and the figures arrived Saturday.  Overall I'm pretty pleased with them.  The sculpting is pretty nice, but the casting itself looks like it could use some work, with a fair bit of flash to clean up, some very thin parts and some questionable choices on where to inject the resin.

The above are single figs, and for the most part came through very well.

A multi-part set of hordesmen, with enough parts to do weapon and shield or two weapons each.  

The bodies themselves are pretty nicely done.

In some places the shields are very thin, even to the point of having holes in them.  It's possible that this was intended, but I doubt it.  

The more heavily armored hordesmen.  Again option for weapon and shield or two weapons, plus an option for closed or open-faced helmets.

The giant block of resin along half of one side of the shield was surprising.  Hopefully I'll be able to clip it off without taking too much of the shield itself along.  I find it hard to believe there wasn't a better way to do these.

Again, the bodies are very nice.  These guys are smaller than the GW Chaos Maruaders and Warriors, but might see use as champions or heroes.  For the most part though I mainly intend to use them for RPGs and just for the fun of painting them.

Back side of the armored guys.  

Speaking of unexpected treasure, I recently introduced sonofsonsoftaurus to the Dungeon! game, as an early Christmas present to both of us.  I had the original version when I was younger, and recently saw this newer version and thought that he might be old enough to enjoy it, so picked it up and broke it out Christmas Eve.  

He took to it pretty well, winning some, losing some, but having a good time.  He loves playing wizards because he wants to tackle the big monsters, but it doesn't always work out.

The joy of boxcars when you need it.
Yesterday I got in a game for our 40K league, but my wife had the camera so I didn't manage any pictures.  I played against Eldar in a Kill Points game, and narrowly won, mainly due to First Blood going my way - if he had had it, we would have tied instead.  I made some some foolish choices that let him pick up a few points from challenges (Eldrad's warlord trait made him a duelist) and putting units in harm's way on long shots when I should have played it safe.  His main mistake in my eyes was exposing his jetbikes right off the bat - I understand the reasoning and wanting to tie up some things, but it gave me the chance to kill some small units and get some early VP. 
I've also been invited to get in on a small-scale Warhammer Fantasy campaign, with armies normally in the 500-1000pt range.  I should be able to get 500pts together fairly easily with what I have on hand, and a campaign would give me an incentive to get some other things together and painted.  We shall see!


  1. Love me some Redbox sculpts and annoyed i wasn't able to jump on the Kickstarter. (those zombies are the best out there imo.) Shame about the flash, etc though. Then again, it "is" his first outing into resins, so hopefully can only get better from here on in.

    Love how your boy is enjoying himself. my own got his first minis for Xmas and is excited as all heck to get painting.

  2. Nice review - thanks. I'm hoping to get my RBG stuff sometime in the next month, or maybe during mid-Feb at this rate, so it's nice to see that the figures are really out there in the wild. I'll also be checking my shields very carefully now. Let us know how you go trimming that huge flash block off as well!

  3. @Dai - Indeed, Tre's stuff is great. Love his Reaper work and would love more Redbox figs, and wish I had gotten some of the discontinued pieces. Hope he eventually re-releases them in plastic. Agree that the zombies are cool, especially the poses.

    @azazelx - I think it depends on what you ordered how long it will take. IIRC the horsemen were experiencing delays, maybe some other things are too.

  4. I'm a huge fan of Tre's sculpts, but I was hugely skeptical about the resin casting so I did not pledge. Having a lot of his Red Box metals in my Chaos Warriors army, which are about GW Ungor size, I'm kind of glad I didn't. Those shields should not have holes. The flash on the metal figs is almost nonexistant and I have rarely had to do any work to fix them. These I think are going to take some work. The Necromancer is a beautiful fig, hopefully yours is clean, but I have a metal one that looks like a much nicer cast than yours.

  5. Indeed, I am disappointed that they will require some cleanup to work. The necromancer fig is pretty nice. There are some minor issues but nothing that should affect it, at least for my quality level. Should work out fine for me.


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