Saturday, January 7, 2012

Space Sharks vs. Dark Eldar - Deathfin tryouts

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I made it out to Hobbytown today and got a couple games in with jbowen of Flipit Paper Combat using my WIP Deathfin against his Dark Eldar.

I also got to see Chris, Impcommander and some other folks so it was a nice social visit too.  I got to see Chris' Executioners in person, and the pics don't do them justice.  Very nice.  Nice Chaplain conversion too, hopefully he'll be up soon.  I also got to see Impcommander's Eldar (which are further along than in that WIP link) which also look great.  Hopefully some good updated pics will be up soon there too.

Unfortunately though I brought the warboss along no one present had a 40K Ork army so he remains unclaimed at the moment.  I have hopes that soon he will find his Waaagh!  Soon.

We got in two 1500pt games.  The first one was Annihilation/Dawn of War.  I didn't lay out much hope given he had tons of fast vehicles spitting out lots of AP2 shots and a bunch of Wyches with 4++ in CC which combined to remove most of the Terminator army's advantages, namely the 2+ armor and loads of powerfists.

It was over in 35 minutes.  I reserved/teleported everything in (aside from the dread which walked on). I had two squads mishap into oblivion, but even had they arrived safely things would have gone poorly for me I think.  At the end of turn 5 when the game ended I had only the dread left alive, and he was immobilized and had lost his multimelta, leaving him to rage impotently at the xenos outside heavy flamer range.  I managed to kill a venom, a haemonculus, and one wych.  Not wych squad:  one single wych.  Also immobilized and weapon destroyed a raider.  Yay.

We reset and went at it again, this time Annihilation/Pitched Battle.  I set up the dread and the cyclone squads on the table and reserved the assault cannon ones.  I had a nice ruin on my side, and two squads went into that, the third and the dread hid behind it.  He got some horrible terrain rolls trying to assault up into the ruin, leaving his Succubus and her buddies out in the wind to be shot at by most of my army.  Had they made it into CC intact, it could have gone differently.  As it was the Succubus herself survived and took out a squad on her own, but was later killed by a Krak missile, sending her to lead the Kabal of the Red Mist.  Other termie squads proved resilient, sending off other wych squads and killing a number of vehicles.  At the end I only had part of one squad + "Belial" left for a loss of 5KP, but the DE had lost a lot more.  Shark victory!  This one took us an hour and twenty minutes, including kibbitzing with other players and bystanders.

I'm enjoying the Deathfin so far.  Certainly a different play style from the IG/Ork weakling hordes I have run so often recently.  And it's really nice being able to carry your whole army in with just a 6 quart tupperware bin!


  1. Fearless is also nice, so you can ignore a lot of rolling/rules. I am happy that you like the Shark-inators.

  2. My biggest complaint is that I go :( when i can't sweeping advance after I win combat. Stupid Tactical Dreadnought Armor.

    Also, fearless bikes are not as fun as fearless termies.

    Playing the armor reminds me of playing Magic. If I am the shooty(control) army, I set-up on my board edge and shoot CMLs in a refused flank. If I am the aggro army, I DWA aggressively in their face to beatdown. It is simple, yet complex because a bad deployment really hurts with Deathwing since we are slow.

  3. jeje Fearless is the best :D


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