Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Lost and the Damned for Special Operations: Killzone!

Sometimes a massive horde of expendable cultist and mutant meatshields just isn't the right tool for the job.

Sadly, some might say.

But I say that those situations are the perfect excuse to send  in an elite Kill Team!  And how better to represent that than through Special Operations: Killzone

I couldn't think of any.  So I chatted up Big Jim of Galaxy in Flames and Brian of A Gentleman's Ones, the Killzone torchbearers, about the possibility of doing a Lost and the Damned team list for Killzone based on my fandex version.  For some reason they agreed and we began producing the awesome combination of chocolate fan codex with peanut butter fan skirmish rules that is about to be only a mouse click away.

I took the great work that had already been done for Killzone with the various composite elements of Lost and the Damned, namely Imperial Guard, Chaos Daemons and Chaos Space Marines, sprinkled in the new units from the LatD codex, and Brian worked his formatting magic to produce the reference below.

As Brian himself is fond of saying, glorious.

First though a quick word.  Just in case it needs to be said (and I guess it does if I'm saying it) this is even more unofficial than regular Killzone!  This list will NOT be available for use at this year's Adepticon Killzone events.  NOT.  Don't try bringing this to any other potential Killzone events without checking with the organizers first.  And if you're fortunate enough to play Killzone already with your group, check with them before breaking this out.  Be a heretic, but not a jerk.

OK, I think I've drug it out long enough, here it is: Lost and the Damned for Special Operations Killzone!


And if you'd like to build a Lost and the Damned Kill Team but aren't sure what kind you might want, may I refer you to the Lost and the Damned Bibliography?  Perhaps something there will spark your interest and spawn your next team. No pun intended.

I'll shortly add the link on the LatD Codex page, and will try to remember to include it in future editions of the Codex itself.

This cross-pollination into other play styles begs the question, at least to me, what's next?  Special missions?   Apocalypse formations?  A big part of me thinks that the available IG, CSM, and CD Battle Missions missions and Apocalypse units and formations are likely serviceable enough.  Perhaps some other opportunities to spread the corruption will come along at some point.  Time will tell.

LatD ERRATA:  Also a minor bit of errata for the regular codex, which is now part of the file. 

The Sabotage stratagem and the Saboteur Operative did similar things but with slightly different mechanics, in large part because they were developed some time apart.  They've been consolidated to use the same mechanic now. 

If you've printed out version 1.1 already, the only change that needs to be made is either to reprint page 23, or scratch out the Booby Traps entry on page 23 and add a note to use the Sabotage rule on page 20 instead.


  1. haha, glorious indeed. i especially love the 'paint' work on the pics...

    really trying to get my local GW store to let me use the Killzone rules (they are perhaps understandably reluctant) so if they do i think i'll go one further and use a codex not even of their devising!

  2. I remeber Kill Team. I played it all the time when i was starting since it was small level tactics. Definately gonna enjoy this.

  3. @Atreides - Maybe offer to run a few games with pre-constructed teams to get folks interested.

    @Impcommander - The old kill team had one cool team against mooks. Everyone wanted to be the cool team from what I remember. With Killzone, you both get to be cool teams.

  4. I enjoyed both oddly enough. Though i'll agree that being Kill Team was more enjoyable.

    I also liked Necromunda and still have stuff for it, this sounds a lot like a non-underhive style of it. So that sounds awesome.


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