Friday, January 6, 2012

Check it out - it came from the blogrolls

Some more blog recommendations for your viewing pleasure in case you missed them in the blogrolls.  A lot of these are pretty new to me too but I think they all deserve more eyeballs than they're currently getting.  So go check them out!

The Unholy Harbinger Chaos! Some great painting and is crazy enough to seriously consider a list full of spawn.  Gotta love it.

Warhammer in Progress More awesome Chaos, plus Orks and terrain?  Gimme!

Mengel Miniatures - Some beautiful stuff.  Check out his recent Astral Claws squad, complete with *individual* backstories for each marine.  Craziness.

For Holy Terra "Because space is scary."  Some nice painting, and an in-progress Eldar fandex.

For the Throne Nice stuff with some variety.

Rogue Pom Recently some nice Orks, but other stuff further back too.

IDIC Beer Eldar and other painting/modeling stuff, batreps and articles.

Waaagh! Aki As the name suggests, lots of Orks!

Daith's Forge Some beautiful stuff, even if it looks like he's involved in high-falutin' things like blending and NMM.

I'm Blobin it Ginormous IG collection, battle reports and articles.

Rogue Trader  Nids and a WIP Squat fandex.

So check them out and enjoy!


  1. Thanks for the kind plug sir :)

    Much appreciated

  2. @Duce - You betcha!

    @Impcommander - They are!

  3. As Duce mentioned - thanks for plug mate

  4. If you think my guards big my marines might kill you ;)

  5. @Rogue Pom - You betcha!

    @Duce - Oh my.


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