Sunday, January 29, 2012

Prisoner expanded - part 2 - Orks

In previous posts we've looked at the rumored rules in general and at how they might affect my loyalist marines. Now let's take a look at my Orks.

Here's my normal 1850pt list:

Kommander Krumpa’s Blood Axes

Mega Armor, Cybork Body, Bosspole

Big Mek (ride with Trukk shootas or meganobz)
Kustom Force Field, Bosspole, Eavy Armor

Nob w/PowerKlaw, Eavy Armor, Bosspole (cigar and stikkbomb grot)

Battlewagon w/Grot Riggers, Armor Plates, Grabbin Klaw, Reinforced Ram, 2xBig Shootas

10xGrots, Runtherd

30xBoyz (Shootas)
3xBig Shootas
Nob w/Big Choppa, Eavy Armor, Bosspole

Nob w/PK, Bosspole
Trukk – Rokkit, Ram
12xBoyz (slugga/choppa)
Nob w/PK, Eavy Armor, Bosspole
Trukk – Rokkit, Ram

11xBoyz (Shootas)
Big Shoota
Trukk – Rokkit, Ram

Fast Attack
Nob w/ Power Klaw and Bosspole

Fast Attack
2xKoptas w/TL Rokkits

Heavy Support
3xLobbas, +2 ammo runts (piles of ammo)

Basically a mostly mobile force with a large mob of shootas and a couple other cheap squatting units.  Generally the vehicles surge forward under the KFF before breaking out to attack various targets.

So, changes that will affect these guys:

Cover: A general reduction of 4+ cover saves to 5+, including the effect of KFF on vehicles, will hurt. On the other hand if people play with a reasonable amount of dense terrain that will block LOS, then hiding and limiting incoming fire will be easier.  The trukks may only get a 5+ cover, but if they can avoid 1/3 of the shots altogether through having fewer clear fire lanes on the board it could work to their advantage vs. longer ranged fire.  No Turboboost saves also means my Koptas will need to be more careful of where they end up.

Defensive Fire: While this could be fun to pull off with a large mob of shootas or some flash gits, overall Orks would probably be on the receiving end. Orks will either have to learn to suck up the wounds, or work harder to minimize it.  Shaken units can't Defensive Fire, so tank shocks prior to a charge might shake the target. Throwaway or sturdy units could be used to absorb the fire, allowing weaker units to close safely - send the Meganobs or Ardboys in to take the bolter fire, then swing in the sluggas behind. 

Evasion: Orks, blessed with aggressive natures and assault weapons, will generally be moving so a few units aside will generally not be sitting ducks. Stationary enemies will be hit by the Ork fire more often, and vehicles will be easier to hit as well, which helps Ork AT fire but also makes their own transports more likely to get tagged.

Vehicle Damage: From attacks, Ork vehicles may actually be more resilient. Without the bonuses to the chart from being open-topped and AP1, it's more likely that an Ork vehicle will survive the single hit that would have crippled it before. With Hull Breach it will be more likely for the fusillade of shots to walk up to immobilized or destroyed, so Ork vehicles may worry less about the single Rail Gun and more about the massed Pulse Rifle or Burst Cannon fire. 

Directed Hits: This might help bring down Nobs. Giving the Nob in a regular unit eavy armor will help to protect them (directed hits have to be from the same armor group), but those in units like Ard Boys may be more exposed than before. In combat Power Klaws can't benefit from the same rule, being picked out by the enemy's power swords but not being able to target them in turn due to being coarse weapons.
Combat Resolution: With No Retreat wounds being critical hits (not allowing armor or FNP saves) this could help armies like Orks whittle down armies like marines faster - as long as they win the combat.

Overall, it looks like a mixed bag for Orks, at least mine. My transports are easier to hit and get worse cover, but may be able to avoid fire more easily and the damage table may be more forgiving vs. AT fire. Defensive fire can be brutal, unless I can manage things well to minimize it. Combats will be brutal. From a first look, my Orks will really need to coordinate well, ganging up on enemies and defeating them in detail. If it becomes a unit-on-unit attrition battle, my Orks won't fare well.


  1. looks as thou my gretchen are to be of less use than ever... i am eager to see how you thing the sons (chaos in general) will fare

  2. Probably won't do a CSM writeup, given that current rumors point to them coming soon before/soon after 6th ed itself. Most of what applies to Marines applies to them. Cult troops will partly depend on what level of Fearless they get. Thousand Sons could see a boost given reduced cover saves across the board.


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